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Why is my cat doing this?

Discussion in 'Personal' started by charlene_bell, Jan 20, 2011.

  1. Amazon had these very cheap recently - offer might still be running if you look online.

    Generally though - don't try to figure out WHY a cat's doing something - it's all an elaborate human-training mind control plan by the feline overlords. Mine's currently trying to train the dog that she's supreme ruler of the universe bow down to her greatness.
  2. Cats are the best creatures - I love hearing peoples cat stories.
    I was driving to work this morning through my local town and stopped at a traffic light - waiting to cross were two children and a ginger cat! As soon as it went green, across they all trotted. I think they were on their way to school and the cat was escorting them?! I do hope he has as much roadsense on the way back, im the type of person to worry about that all day!

  3. Don't worry. If a cat is calm and organised in traffic, then they're coping.
    We were once gob-smacked seeing a cat on a major road. This road is out of the city proper, three lanes of traffic travelling at speed limit of 90k. And what was this cat doing? Crossing the road. Too hard to find a gap where the whole road was clear. So it was crossing one lane at a time and then sitting on the white line waiting for a space - in the lane - then moving to the next white line.
    Perfectly calm, perfectly in control.
  4. Doglover

    Doglover Occasional commenter

    My cat will drink any source of water that she is not technically supposed to drink from.
    She also prefers her own water from a glass, rather than a bowl.
    My daughter takes a glass of water to bed with her at night. She has a bookshelf type headboard with a cut-out shelf in the middle, as well as the sides. My daughter puts her glass in the hole in the middle of it, and without fail, the cat will squeeze herself into this hole, every night to drink the water!
    She is also frequently found in the bath trying to drink any left over water in there.
    They are very clever, very stupid, fascinating creatures ;)


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