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Why is it so hard to find a copy of Kathy Reich's 'Spider Bone's to buy?

Discussion in 'Book club' started by Waterfin, Sep 11, 2010.

  1. ?????
    Can only find hugely expensive preowned on amazon and play, or have to wait 6-8 weeks for delivery.
  2. No, but I will, thanks.
  3. Ophelia 9

    Ophelia 9 New commenter

    find books say Play is cheapest - only has another couple of suppliers which are much pricier. Is this a book not published in UK yet?
  4. Ophelia 9

    Ophelia 9 New commenter

    Yes it looks as though the publish date is next month.
  5. I think It's bad timing...I missed the hard back glut (when Asda had it for £9) and am too early for the paperback. Have gone for the pricey version on Play which was from the book depository, yet strangely at a cheaper price than the one they offered for sale on their own website. Is a present so I don't mind too much paying the extra, as I always get one for my Dad who is a big fan. Would've been better planning to buy it in the hols when it was cheaper, but there you go!
  6. Ophelia 9

    Ophelia 9 New commenter

    This book caused me much confusion a few weeks ago as I wanted to put it on my Christmas list - can't see any good reason for it having a different name in the UK than in USA. I'm sure anyone else interested will have realised that it is called Mortal Remains in this country and had not been published here at time of above postings!
    Enjoying it so far.


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