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Why I won't be taking any lectures about music education from OFSTED

Discussion in 'Music' started by hoildaysrule, Mar 6, 2012.

  1. hoildaysrule

    hoildaysrule New commenter

    Here, here...
    I read through the report and thought the same thing. Total @£$@! They saw brilliant lesson when students were singing beautifully and wow it was amazing..not my lesson then.
    I really wonder who these *** are who reach these conclusions of music teaching. We all do our best. They also stated that teachers gave levels much higher that they should!!! REALLY why might that not because we are all subject to target grades that are so stupid and don't have any relationship to students ability in music is it!!!

    One thing that never cease to amaze me is that unless your at a super duper school. Your department is often you or you and a Dram/music teacher. Your snowed under with key stage 3 classes and all the assessment that comes with it you organise shows, trips, instrumental lessons, Concert and GCSE/Alevel. So that leaves you with no time to actually do any thing as well as you would want to.
    Moan over
    Total ****. Thanks Ofsted.
  2. mrkeys

    mrkeys Occasional commenter

    Oh deer!
  3. I don't actually agree with this as I attended Music Ofsted training on Monday of this week. It was led by a music specific Ofsted inspector who on the whole was incredibly positive about Music in our schools. His delivery prompted myself to look at my lessons from a different viewpoint and as soon as I started teaching today, I implemented his suggestions which had immediate results. Sometimes we get bogged down as music practitioners as we are benchmarked against all academic scores which in my opinion are completely unrealistic. I am speaking as a current HoD who has been Ofsted'ed(!) 5 times in my 11 year career, each time gaining outstanding with good or vice versa and I thought my lessons were good but I think sometimes we feel everyone is having a pop at us when actually, they're not! I made advances towards making my lessons even more musical today and had pupils humming major triads etc which I have never done much before and got great results and the pupils were chuffed! We have a very high rate of poor behaviour but if you raise the bar, the pupils will move with you! We are all great music teachers and no report would make me feel or think otherwise
  4. I'm sure he was. Ofsted inspectors are human beings too - however I would not work for an organisation, the head of which puts so much energy into undermining public confidence in public education and mwho makes so many derogatory remarks about teachers and even heads.
    Remember also that Ofsted inspectors are not allowed to make suggestions about how to improve teaching - they are there simply to ciriticise and to say what is missing, I have never found their input to be helpful during an inspection. Outside of inspections they are full of ideas. Furthermore, the inspection process is based only on what they see in the lesson - so we end up producing all singing and dancing (pardon the pun) lessons for the inspector which are not based on our everyday practice - well not mine, anyway - if I taught at that level of eneergy and organisation everyday I would be dead within a month.
    I don't find the ofsted process helpful or constructive and I find its public pronouncement offensive, divisive, destructive and unprofessional. I do not believe I am overstating the case when I say that I detect Stalinist overtones to the behaviour of Ofsted in its drive to FORCE teachers to CONFORM to the standards, standards that brook no criticisim or debate - I also detect this in the department for education and in particular Michael Gove, who simply does not listen to those who have more claim to actually know what they are talking about than he does. Horrible, horrible, horrible.
    VIva the counter revolution!
  5. Of course, why would I not?
  6. Then please do enlighten us with their wisdom!

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