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Why Do You Do it?

Discussion in 'Scotland - education news' started by anon1269, Jul 1, 2011.

  1. To paraphrase Gerry and the Pacemakers why do some people bother posting such bile and downright offensive comments on this forum?
    Some of the posts regarding the strike would have resulted in a smack in the mouth if they were said to someone's face. And why do some people seem to spent their life on this forum simply to offend complete strangers? Have they made the slightest difference to someone else's viewpoint? Have they changed their own opinion at all? Life's too short, in my opinion, to bother responding to the foaming at the mouth brigade. Switch off the computer and get some fresh air.
    Yes, I am aware of the irony of my post.
  2. Oops. Should have been in the other Opinion forum.
  4. That was a joke. I agree Peter. Lets have a be nice to teachers day. Especially those that had the guts to strike yesterday. Not the Government Lackeys'....oops there I go again. Let's be nice to everyone today. Except the pupils who I saw spitting on their way to school, little ********.....oops. Deep breath...... Is it the weekend? Have a good one Peter. The sun is shining here up North what about where you are?
    That's the trick. Regional weather reporting willbring out the good in everyone today.
    This is North Yorkshire. Sun with lovely little fluffy clouds. Perfect.
  5. I'm in North Yorkshire too and am not working today being part time. A loan of my Jack Russells, Bob and Terry, would lighten even the most dark of moods.
  6. Border Collie myself........he will chomping at his bit come 4:30. Quick run with the dog then to the off license. Staff room has agreed to a night on the Hoegarden...... sounds good to me.
    Sun Still Out. Cloud Cover 20%
  7. Enjoy, you deserve it. It says much about this site that the two happiest members are both Yorkshiremen!

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