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Why do teenagers trash the place with their litter?

Discussion in 'Personal' started by cyolba, Jun 16, 2011.

  1. Many people litter precisely because there is no such thing as society any more. Is this a product of the social policies of the 1980s? Was it happening anyway and Thatcher's (in)famous quote was simply a reflection?
    It's certainly true that I notice that areas where there is still a proper sense of community pride, there is much less in the way of litter, graffitti etc.

    cyolba, sick of seeing squalor :)
  2. Its because they are soooo busy thinking about getting their legs over that they forget everything esle....how to be polite, how to smile, how to do up a belt, how to look at you when theyre talking..etc.etc..................etc

  3. Earl Davids wife

    Earl Davids wife New commenter

    Many people litter precisely because there is no such thing as society any more.
    Totally agree with the above. When I started at the grammer school many moons ago we were all 100% convinced that anything we did that was against school rules would somehow get back to the head and we'd be in big trouble. She was a scary prospect but then so were many of our teachers. We weren't even allowed to eat outside the school grounds while we were still in uniform and, we didn't dare disobey!
    I was brought up on a council estate and all of us knew that if we were in trouble with the school we'd be in even bigger trouble with our parents who expected us not to litter, answer back or swear in the street. That's not to say we didn't do such things behind their backs but litter we did not.
    Any passer by could tell us off and if they knew our parents, would report back to them. Littering and other such anti social behaviours were therefore, for the most part, kept in check.
    Adults were a whole lot more socially responsible and taught their children to behave likewise.
    I doubt we'll get back to that kind of society or respect for society in a hurry [​IMG]
  4. bombaysapphire

    bombaysapphire Star commenter

    I agree with the point about the lack of society.
    I am regularly disgusted by how students treat equipment in school. Breaking rulers, writing on textbooks and generally not giving a crap. When I let them know how unimpressed I am, I am often greeted with the response "chill". It is the minority but a significant one but they seem to think that they have no responsibility towards others.
  5. Is my local council the only one that fines for littering, and has prominent notices advertising the fact?

  6. Earl Davids wife

    Earl Davids wife New commenter

    I believe there is a nearby town that has proposed making teenagers who litter do "community service" (picking up litter) on Saturdays but have no idea if it's in place and working.
    Walked past a group of older teenage girls this afternoon and as I passed directly next to them one of the girls dropped her bit of litter.
    "Litter" said I.
    "Yeah" said she "get over it" ...... and we all went on our merry way.....
  7. I still find it unfair that it is only teens who get the blame.
    Would you have said 'litter!' to a 60 year old woman?
  8. Some of you are talking like littering is something only done these days (no such thing as society) and in the good old days it was much better and people didn't do that sort of thing..(link)
    I suppose it's only become anti-social in relatively recent years...

  9. Quite.
    Well, mostly.
    In the UK ;-)
  10. Earl Davids wife

    Earl Davids wife New commenter

    Yes I would have said "litter" to a 60 year old woman or a 60 year old bloke (though only in a populated place whatever the age!!) Littering is not confined to the young but my observations of littering is that it is in the main carried out by young teenagers. Not all young teenagers litter but the majority do.
    The best response I ever got was along the river at York on one particular holiday when a "grandmother" was pushing a pushchair and had a dog running free. The dog left a pile of dog poo and she ignored it so, I asked if she knew her dog had just left a pile and did she need a bag (we had a dog too).
    Her response? She just smiled and kept on smiling. Never spoke a word though she did shrug.
    Dog poo is what adults leave behind since teenagers walk dogs less often. Teenagers out walking leave the bulk of litter. Both are anti-social.
    The saddest thing I ever saw was the head master of the local comp giving up the whole of his lunch time to supervise kids outside the local shopping precinct which is plagued by litter inspite of the presence of a bin. He did that for a week following yet more complaints from the three local shops one of which fed the litterers at lunchtimes on dry baguettes, crisps and chocolate.

  11. Or is it that you only notice the teenagers? There is graffitti on a bridge where I live and it has been on there since 1968 - huge white letters!
    Go to canterbury cathedral there is some 16th century graffitti.
    a fifities child always complains about society today as they were brought up in a weird sort of mary whitehouse society that has rarely existed outside of the middle class victorian era.
    For time immemorial society has been immoral - why do we expect it to change? In which era was society a atopia where teens did not trash things?

  12. Are you a teenager?
    Or why are you not noticing most of the posts which are speaking of those who are not teenagers?
    Probably none. The difference is - I belong to a generation where we were trashed if we trashed things.


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