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Why do I leave it so late?!!!!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by coppertop, Aug 29, 2012.

  1. I am logged on to Tes feeling slightly panicky because everyone seems very prepared to go back to school - except me!!
    Every year I do the same , leave it all to the last minute and then spend my final weekend of freedom working like a maniac.
    Admittedly I have spent 2 days in school at the start of the holidays preparing and organising my class but no plans or resources done yet.
    Please tell me it's not just me who can't get motivated!

  2. Wotworklifebalance

    Wotworklifebalance New commenter

    Nope. Me too. I am starting a new job, new key stage and new year group. I went in to school this morning and just made a mess moving things about. Don't panic; it will all get done.
  3. sarbon

    sarbon New commenter

    It IS just you, coppertop.
    Just kidding! Couldn't resist.....at least your attitude enables you to have a proper break from school.
    I HAVE to do my preparation early or I can't enjoy my holiday - I'll be thinking about it until it's done.
    At least you have done SOME work at school......you'll get it done if it has to be done!
  4. stewartk89

    stewartk89 New commenter

    I haven't done a stitch! The way I see it I might as well actually enjoy my days off rather than stressing about how little I've done or pretending to do work whilst actually doing anything but. I'd rather work to the bone on days when I've already been at work anyway and relax to the max when I'm not. Don't worry, not all teachers are impeccably organised...least I'm not anyway! :D
  5. nick909

    nick909 Star commenter

    Don't worry. It'll all be fine.
    The nature of the job means that no matter how much work you do, there is always more to do.
    And, at least you've enjoyed your holiday.
    It would be natural that the type of person who would spend lots of the holiday working would be the type of person to post about it on here. Nothing snidey meant by that; I just mean that they will have been in 'work mode' and so will have posted about work.
    There will have been as many or more people who will have done nothing at all. They won't have posted as such but they're there.
    Just turn up on Monday or Tuesday knowing what you're going to do and the rest will fall into place. And no-one will look at your planning on the first day back.
  6. In spite of my best intentions I've done very little [​IMG]
    BUT I do know that it will be done by the time I'm back next week.
    It's good to know I'm not the only one!!!
  7. Niali

    Niali New commenter

    So far I have
    a) organised my classroom
    b) opened up the masters of the weekly planning documents on the laptop
    and that's it! [​IMG]
    I am now procrastinating on TES and my other half just came over to tell me off that I haven't done any work yet! It's a hard life [​IMG]
    On the plus I did have a good holiday [​IMG]

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