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Why do I feel awkward saying goodbye to my Dad?

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by Lilyofthefield, Apr 25, 2011.

  1. You are 31, yes? On the basis of your previous posts I wouldn't say that emotional maturity was your strongest quality. You have bid your father farewell for 31 years. How have you managed it before? At what point did you feel you had to instigate the kiss or cuddle?
  2. Not sure why, I am being honest! Guess its beacuse recently move dout and now the situation comes up more when i go around or leave!! Its sad and silly I know but I dont want him to pick up on it! Is it normal to always kiss goodbye as I dont always but feel like i should!!!!
  3. Does your father appear to give a stuff either way? If you weren't the sort of father and daughter that hugged every time you met and trilled "Love you!" every time you parted before, I think it might seem a bit odd to suddenly start doing it. Its not as though you are parting for six months, is it? Though whereas Son1 used to only kiss me goodnight and Happy New Year before he moved out, he does kiss me goodbye now after visits. Peck on the cheek kiss.
    If he hasn't been the one to initiate the hugs and kisses, I'd let it go. If he really felt comfortable with it, he would have picked up on your jumping up to do it and met you halfway. He's probably curling up inside like my husband would.
  4. Yes you are probably right, we were never really like that before anyway so I doubt he cares! Long as I do it now and again sure he isn't checking..... i dont know why i have got so hung up about this, is silly really!!!! i just dont want him to pick up on my silly issue? x

  5. It is The Modern Way to do the big hug and kiss thing. I've no objection if it's done out of genuine affection but not everyone feels the need to express themselves physically.

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