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why cant they label suitable foods?

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by seriouslikecrazy, Nov 4, 2011.

  1. Also things like nuts and shellfish (cooked of course) should only need to be avoided if you have a family history of an allergy. I've eaten all sorts of nuts throughout my pregnancy.
    JUst check things to make sure they are pasturised.
    My friend made her life very difficult by being really picky and not eating salads or reheated meals because it was in her pregnancy book about making sure they are washed/reheated properly. Now I am very careful anyway (having had Salmonella) and have eated Salad and I've cooked extra portions of meals I can eat for lunch the next day and I have been fine.
    Try not to worry, just be sensible and avoid the things mentioned in other posts like soft cheese, runny eggs and undercooked meat.

  2. The peanuts thing had actually changed since my first pregnancy - I thought they were OK now but maybe not if peanut allergy is in family? In terms of eating out I just order something that will be cooked rather than arrive rare or that is chilled - mainly cos I feel silly asking loads of questions but that's prob just me!
  3. You also have to balance up why the advice is there and whether or not you're prepared to take the risk. For example, they say "no soft cheese" because there's a (remote) chance it could have listeria in it, which in rare instances can cause miscarriage. So obviously that's one to avoid (although you can eat Brie, for example, if it's been cooked as cooking kills listeria). However, they say "no runny eggs" to avoid theoretical salmonella poisoning. If you get salmonella, you're going to feel awful, but it's not actually harmful to the baby. So personally I took the risk of salmonella as I wanted to carry on eating runny eggs and I figured it wasn't going to harm the baby (and hens are vaccinated against salmonella anyway). I wouldn't worry about cheesecake or tiramisu or mayo that you've bought in a shop, OP - it's all pasteurised. Try and relax a bit - women have been pregnant for millions of years before the food rules came out!
  4. Oh, and you can have rare steak as long as the outside has been properly seared - it says that in the NHS Pregnancy book!
  5. I agree with swallowtail.
    I'm 15 weeks with my first. I've stopped drinking, but that's about it. I'm not going to stop eating peanut butter or runny eggs - in fact they're the things I crave the most sometimes!
  6. Please don't criticise women who do follow the advice to the letter. I've not been lucky enough to fall pregnant yet, and am currently going through IVF. If I do get my BFP, I will be one of those women who does follow the advice to the letter, because of the difficult journey I'll have had to get to that stage. There is nothing at all I would do to risk the health of my baby.
  7. I think the best thing to do tigsy is read up on the advice which your obviously doing oh and there are some super apps for iPad,iPhone or smart phones so you can check certain brands out if your unsure. Most importantly, in my opinion, listen to your instincts! You'll be amazed how your body seems to give you clues as to what you need/don't need. Healthy eating and nourishing yourself are so important when creating a new life but try not to put yourself under any unnecessary stress. The 1 st trimester is a worrying ol time anyway so treat yourself to some yummy comfort food when you need it. I kept lots and lots of fruits, smoothies and seeds in my cupboard the kids got so used to me munching healthy foods it sparked some interesting chats!
    Enjoy your pregnancy and only you can decide how you want to eat and look after yourself xxx
  8. LMC I follow the advice - the proper advice set by UK HCPs. This advice is sensible. The issue is that if you talk to people/ start googling there is a load of nonsense out there. Good luck with the BFP, I will be jumping up and down when you get it.
  9. You are correct, I think the book I was given must be a bit out of
    date http://www.food.gov.uk/safereating/allergyintol/peanutspregnancy
    concern with not eating peanuts would be how can a baby get used to
    these foods if mum doesn't et them? Same with cooked shellfish but I don't
    like it so only had the odd cooked prawn when eating out. I didn't know
    you could eat smoked salmon though, I have been craving that with cream cheese and wafer thin cucumber yum yum.
    I have been very careful what I eat without being restrictive. I'd say use the guidance and if you are unsure then ask your m/w. It doesn't need to be difficult although at first I craved everything I couldn't have such as Mr Wippy ice cream (I hate ice cream), malibu (yuk) and coke like it was going out of fashion (I can't drink much coke when I'm not PG never mind when I am as I have to limit my caffine intake)
    Once you get the hang of it you will be fine.


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