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Why cant I be paid correctly?!?!

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by jj80, Jul 7, 2011.

  1. jj80

    jj80 New commenter

    argh! Is anyone else fed up with their agency making mistakes in their pay? Every payslip Ive had for the past few weeks has at least 1 day not being paid for. Why is this so difficult for them??!?!....end vent! [​IMG]
  2. I've only once been wrongly paid by my agency and it was rectified the next day.
  3. I'm not being paid at all this week and I worked 4 days.... Major cockup with my wages this week![​IMG]
  4. jj80

    jj80 New commenter

    well once I let the agency know Iam missing pay, I usually get it in my next payslip. After all this, I forgot what the word "budget" means![​IMG]
  5. oh I know! this is very annoying. It doesn't happen to me much but drives me mad. It may not be the agencies fault though, as I find quite often the school hasn't sent the timesheet to them or they sent it late because the admin person is dis-organised!
    It does make me cross as then you have to wait a whole week to be paid and what do they expect you to do? Quite often I am counting on that money and I doubt they've even thought about that. I am sure they wouldn't be happy if they weren't paid on time.
    Fortunately, it doesn't happen very often to me but I always ask the agency to chase it up straight away or if I know a school is rubbish I chase it up myself.
  6. Well I found out this morning that I won't be getting paid until next Friday now, brilliant! Lucky I don't rely on the money to survive.... shocking really!
  7. Lara mfl 05

    Lara mfl 05 Star commenter

    It's even worse if you're paid monthly as it's difficult to keep track!

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