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Why bother with CPD?

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by les25paul, Nov 1, 2011.

  1. les25paul

    les25paul Star commenter

    If the job of a Supply Teacher can now (it seems [​IMG]) be done by done by a person without qualifications is there any point in Supply Teachers bothering with CPD?
    That's the question I've put on the "Professional Development" forum (in a slighty politer way) to raise awareness of the loss of professional status in Teaching.
    I will be interested in the response from other contributers to TES forums (if any) and hope that fellow Suppies will add their views.
  2. les25paul

    les25paul Star commenter

    OOPs [​IMG] too many "done bys"
    Maybe I need a CPD course in proof reading.
  3. How many agencies provide any form of CPD?
  4. My (one) agency do- but I've never been- what's the point?
  5. historygrump

    historygrump Star commenter Forum guide

    I do my CPD courses through the union, when there are places on the course.
  6. fundisi

    fundisi New commenter

    DATA (for D&T teachers) go some free CPD but you have to dig around for it.

    I went on a free CPD last month (DATA: KS3, KS4, electronics); and I've got another planned for this month (DATA: H&S accreditation in welding etc) however I'll have to pay for it this time. I think it shows that you're interested in furthering your career; it keeps you current; gives you reasons to keep posting out your CV; gives you something to talk about at interviews and, I hope, that it makes you a better prospect for FT employment especially at schools that offer A levels etc. Anyway, this is just my opinion...the down side is the cost....:(
  7. ...simply put, I just dont bother as -
    A) - I dont have or cant make the time
    B) - As the OP has suggested it seems that the loss of professionalism in teaching of late makes such CPD aquisition almost a pointless exercise.
    C) - What I and many other supply teachers need is ......WORK, not more insipid CPD courses whch at some point I will have done in the past. If some have got the time, inclination and energy to do such courses then all good and well, but as for me...NO THANKS
  8. les25paul

    les25paul Star commenter

    It came as little surprise to me that my point of view regarding CPD for supply teachers on the "Professional Development" generated no response from the greater teaching community. Perhaps this indicates that the profession has little interest in the careers of Supply Teachers and happy to see them replaced by Cover Supervisors.
    My pesonnel view is that Supplies need to be more flexible and versatile then regular teachers (ie: the Swiss Army Knife of the teaching profession) and therefore need more "strings to our bow". If this is the case then we need to place high importance on CPD. It also enhances any application form.
    One of my agencies does offer CPD courses and the ones (well one actually) I attended have been very good and useful.
    I have also studied through the Open University to add another subject to my teaching portfolio, made a start on learning British Sign Language and am now considering learning some Matakon or counselling skills.
    But since all this takes my time and comes out of my pocket so I am only interested in CPD involving transferable skills useful in other careers as well as teaching. Like I said you need to be versatile.

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