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Why Australia is the best country in which to live and teach!

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by Christopher Curtis, Nov 1, 2009.

  1. 'Born travellers', or possessing a sub-conscious homing device that has to be satisfied....
    Aborigines never seem that keen to pop up to England!
    You never know...
  2. Margaret River, and south- west coast aussi, is one of the best places! The sea is emerald green, and Margaret River wines are world famous. A bit further south, towards the Cape, we used to catch the salmon in the smaller bays as they became washed up and stranded on the beach. Then BBQ'd fish, washed down with Margaret River Chardonnay, and consumed whilst sitting back just watching the sun set over the ocean! There cannot be anything better on this Earth!!
  3. Maybe not all Aussies are so discerning. My mate used to say of playing Play Station in the nude, with cold pizza at hand "It doesn't get any better than that!"
    Now, I couldn't have made that up, could I?
  4. Aborigines never seem that keen to pop up to England - PROBABLY something to do with the fact that they still have huge unemployment, drug and alcohol issues, live in appalling conditions - something each government has failed miserably at addressing - and are certainly overpopulated in prison - those who aren't part of 'deaths in custody'.
    Australia is a lovely place in a lot of respects. I left a fantastic job in a fantastic school in Melbourne to come and teach in the UK. Over the last ten years or so however, Australians seem to be so preoccupied with status, that things have changed. The 'lucky' country is a place where house prices are exhorbitant and for the average person, out of reach.
    Prejudice is everwhere. As we have many Asian immigrants, many people would like to go back to the days of the White Australia Policy (look it up!). AND as for refugees, do we show sympathy. Not on your life. We either let them drown at sea - yes it's true or we lock them up in detention centres.
    And as for our 'famous' - why do they all choose to live in LA or London?
  5. And that bloke who sang for Midnight Oil (Beds are Burning...) who is now heavily into politics, recently admitted how difficult it is to get things changed; I presume before, he thought it was just a case passing a bit of legislation and ***! Problem over.
    Any offence to aborigines and their plight wasn't intended.
    It's the Welsh and the French I can't stand!
  6. I wrote p-o-o-f. maybe puff would have been ok..
  7. What about teaching in Australia? I mean what is it like? better , worst or the same as in England?
    Is it hard to get a position over there when you are an MFL teacher? (I actually teach French and German)

  9. ...and ACDC, of course. The Australian equivalent of Good old Staus Quo. In 1984 I told a buddy that 'the Quo' had brought out a new single. He said "Oh, yeah, what word have they changed?".
    Very funny, I thought. He know works at the school in the Dubai School being asked about on these threads, the one where Carlton 'first touch' Palmer coaches the footy (but doesn't ref it....).

  10. Sorry, missed a 't'. Staus Quot...
  11. lol I know you weren't insulting the Aborigines. Just thought I would give a bit of insight. Peter Garrett - lead singer of Midnight Oil - now Minister for Environment or something or other. Boy did he sell out big time. He now speaks just like a politician. Funny about that.
    Don't see ACDC moving back anytime soon either....Wot about Danni?
  12. Did he sell out, or just fail in his efforts? If money was his thing he could have stayed with the band!
    Danni - top totty, but no Mensa.
    Think you will find ACDC are 'moving back' every time they bring out a new one...
    Notice that a poster above is called Leddyzep. To think that ACDC and LZ are supposed to be from the same genre....leaves me very dazed and confused.
    Although 'HTH' and 'BIB' are both on my ipod....
  13. I have taught in three countries other than Australia including UK and ME and lived in several more and have to concur that these experiences just make us appreciate 'home' that much more. Celebs and sportsmen have good reasons to base themselves OS but many admit they would prefer to be back in Oz. There is a growing stream of footballers who could still make very good money in various overseas locations coming back and playing in the A-league for less money.
    One common theme is they haven't found a better place to bring up their kids now that they are family men. Our Queensland motto is - "Beautiful one day, perfect the next!' Could apply to the whole country (except maybe Melbourne!!!)
  14. yasimum

    yasimum New commenter

    Australia is no more racist than any western country. I have a birracial daughter and have never experienced what I feared we might. People were very curious about her and I was even asked if I had adopted her but it has all dissipated as she grew up.
    The Aboriginal situation vexes us all. Even governments who have used a more imaginative and sensitive approach have been unsuccessful in solving the problem. I remain at the head scratching stage-I'll be damned if I know what the best way to go is. What would you suggest the poster who was discussing how racist a nation we are?
    As for Peter Garrett, we all knew there was going to be some disappointment when a highly politicised and vocal rock star becomes a politician. I have to laugh at the idea that he has 'sold out'. He thought that he could change things more effectively from the inside but like we all do when confronted with bureaucracy on such a huge scale, he has found it difficult but at least he is giving it a go and not criticising from the fence. He can't behave as he did before or be indiscreet with what he says as he is no longer the lead singer of a rock band (one of my favourites from the Stagedoor Tavern Daysof the late seventies early eighties) but a politician.
  15. Just to add some balance, Oz is vastly over-rated. I waded through the painful bureaucratic swamp of immigration paperwork, and in due course, received the permanent visa, cost a few quid too. I'd visited Oz half a dozen times during the process, and was less impressed each time. When I finally moved there, I stayed 3 months and left, having worked in 4 other countries en-route, I realised there were better places to live and work, and more wothy kids to teach.
    Oz is swaggering down the same misguided path the UK took 30 years ago, and making the same mistakes, (that the UK continues to make), hence the economic issues, militant unions, public worker strikes, high cost of living, unaffordable housing, social issues, alienation of groups, growing dissatisfaction with immigration policies, racial tensions, growing gang culture, rising crime, on a micro-level, anal customs officers searching your shoes treads for half a peanut, motorist persecuting police, boring suburban life, xenophobic locals, yob youth cuture, over-regulated silly rules and regs, blah, blah.
    There are better places to live and work. Kylie is OK though.

  16. yasimum

    yasimum New commenter

    Horses for courses I guess. What I don't understand about your post kippax is your statement, "...more worthy kids to teach."
    What on earth makes a child 'worthy' of your instruction?
  17. I know the answer to that; teaching kids who have had decent parenting.
    So, not the kid's fault, really, but you get the idea.

  18. Sure, one man's/woman's meat is another man's/woman's poison. Yeah, poor choice of word, for 'worthy' substitute 'rewarding'. I mean kids who are actually eager to learn and still have some respect for teachers.
    On a final note, the TV in Oz is dreadful ..... all IMHO of course, others will love it.[​IMG]
  19. yasimum

    yasimum New commenter

    Yes, I got the idea but most of my early career was spent teaching those kids who didn't have 'decent parenting' and they were the absolute best years of my career. School was the only place those kids could be kids without getting a backhander or sworn at. I am in touch with some of them who are now adults and almost without exception they have been very successful in their chosen careers and life in general. They are so incredibly grateful for the input our staff had on their lives that it makes me feel humble.I thank my lucky stars that was my first school as it really set the bar for the importance of school in many children's lives and made me realise what a joy it can be to be a part of their lives.

  20. .......X100 the above for the UK and most other European countries!!! C'mon this is way overstating the case! I challenge you to take just one of these points and explain in more detail how we have more of a problem than Europe, the USA, or other parts of the world!! I'll start off by taking two: the customs- have you been through Heathrow or any other international airport recently?? and motorist persecuting Police- what did you get pulled over because you infringed a traffic rule? - Oh please!!
    Adding balance is fair enough.... but methinks you are just a whinging pom!!

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