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Why Australia is the best country in which to live and teach!

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by Christopher Curtis, Nov 1, 2009.

  1. Christopher  Curtis

    Christopher Curtis Occasional commenter

    Great, Ned! Now we will have even more people trying to get teaching jobs here, pushing up the supply and thus driving down the pay and conditions.
  2. Could you just run through the 'We have a great music and entertainment industry' bit again, please? And try to do so without shaking your head in utter shame.
    You forgot to mention Rose Tattoo. They were my favourites. Angry Anderson and the boys. Jesus, I even bought one of their discs and saw them live!
  3. bigfatgit

    bigfatgit Occasional commenter

    I quaffed several beers with Angry about 30 minutes after he tried to top himself on stage - he used to wrap the mic wire around his neck and then dive off stage but he did it a bit too well that time.
    After hitting the musical highs of Kylie and Jason's wedding theme and being part of the Olympic openings, he now does a lot of work for abused kids and makes a living cleaning other people's houses. "It's an honest living and I have to pay the mortgage!"
    There's also a bit of a theme with the band members dying of cancer; Pete Wells (prostate cancer), Digger (cancer), Ian Rilen (bladder cancer), Lobby Lloyd (lung cancer) and Mick *** has cancer (but I'm not sure if that counts as *** cancer)
  4. bigfatgit

    bigfatgit Occasional commenter

    For F's sake! bl00dy filter. The man's name is Mick C0cks
  5. .....and guess what got the number 11 slot???? Vegemite.... yep good old vege exported to the world!! It may look like axel grease.....but sure tastes great on toast in the morning!
    I personally prefer it with honey, or even peanut butter...........yummo!!!
  6. But not a patch on Marmite or Bovril (2,709th on my list) .
    You, second class spuckup, you...
    And if I had to come up with the top ten reasons why I love my country, the first would be 'I don't live in it'
    Sad but true....
    (Metallica - The Black Album - '91?)

  7. Yes I agree it is an acquired taste....When teaching in Ukriane, I introduced it to the likes of exbickie and grandslam and they became hooked on the stuff, and even truthsayer got excited! So much so that I had to hide my supply, and bring it out only on special occasions-just for a treat!
  8. Interesting recent past. All of a sudden, Marmite and Vegamite seem insignificant...
    I presume you were referring to vegamite and not Rugby League re: rationing the boys?
  9. yeah... forget to "quote". Pretty darn obvious though all the same!!
  10. So Queensland is no longer part of Australia!! I thought it would happen one day. Teachers on strike wanting pay parity with other states, wage increases overdue, and Anna B-lie selling off everything worth anything in order to balance the budget. If you don't hurry there won't be anything left for you when you get here!!
  11. the evil tokoloshe

    the evil tokoloshe New commenter

    Did enjoy a brief visit to Perth a few years back and would agree it is a nice place, however:
    No, the beer isn't that great, it is quaffable and I would agree on the wines, but no on the beer.
    True, but it was a bit like walking through Stepford after a ceremony. I actually saw people scrubbing the streets at 2am, and was also warned that I could get done for jaywalking for crossing a ped-X at 3am having looked both ways and seen no sign of traffic for at least 500m in all directions. Seemed to be 'sanitised for your own protection' a little too much. Did find a good dodgy pub or two though.
    In general yes, however, a few people seemed to be on a mission to whinge about Poms the whole time (this was after the Ashes 2005), and there were a lot of comments about the new SA from both whenwes and Aussies.
    Don't forget The Scientists, The Saints, The Birthday Party and subsequently Nick Cave
  12. Our worst beer, fosters lager is sold throughout Europe, and in the united states. Some folk think vic bitter is our best, and in a recent "choice" is was voted among the world's finest beers. Personally though, I prefer a beer from the apple isle- cascade lager or bitter! It is great on tap at the pub when having a night out with the boys! But we have many brands and varieties, and it of course depends on personal tast. My ex used to love carlton draught- but I couldn't stand the stuff!!
    Yes, we aussies are a sensitive lot around the time of the ashes! Guess it goes back to our convict past.......and wanting to get back at Old Blighty!
    Yes I agree! It is embarrassing sometimes to think about the abundant, real, talent we do have when compared to other countries- and it's so easy to forget some of them especially once they tend to disappear overseas!
    Good call ET!
  13. Ned you forget, I brought you vegemite from the UK - remember it is my favourite too!
  14. yasimum

    yasimum New commenter

    This is one of my favourite times of year to be teaching in Australia - jacaranda time. It is the first heralding of the Christmas season for me. Driving up the street near home there is a mauvey blue canopy, it always takes my breath away. Pity it is for such a brief time. There is one tree that is directly in front of a flame tree and when they both flower together it is an amazing sight.
  15. Yes, I remember those times very well- I was astonished that the black gold in a jar could be bought so readily in the mother country. I remember how Grandslam in particular couldn't wait to get his (more than ) fair share at the lunchtime table! And the rice pudding, and the borsch each day! ..and getting service with a smile by Mrs Doubtfire as she threw our plates at us!! ah yes exbickie they were good times indeed!!
  16. Yes I agree, many small towns on the mid north coast celebrate with a "jacaranda festival" -truly spectacular!
  17. Just did some quick sums on teaching salaries from around the country. The figures are for government schools, but private schools are usually on par- hence the pay dispute in Queensland where private school teachers are lagging behind their state counterparts. Generally, private schools are quick to pass on any pass rises in the public sector, and the current Queensland situation is not typical in this sense.

    As from January 2010, a beginning classroom teacher can expect to earn around $3,200 US per month, and this does not include the employer provided 9% contribution to a pension fund ("superannuation"). So in one year a first year out teacher could expect to earn about US$ 38,500 and an additional US$ 3,000 which is paid into their pension fund.

    There is also remuneration according to years of experience, qualifications and certain extra duties such as year co-ordinator. At the top end of the scale (e.g. someone who had been teaching for 12 years), a classroom teacher can earn approximately US$ 6,100 per month, with an additional US$ 6,500 per year put aside for retirement.

    The increments are yearly and of course based on satisfactory performance. In NSW at least there is a further 3.8% salary increase from January 2011. And other states generally play catch-up! Moreover, there is no distinction between primary and secondary sectors.

    Yes, according to the powers that be, Australia did not have a recession, unlike other countries. We did not have the 2 consecutive quarters of negative growth that is required for this condition. In fact even in our worst month, there was some, albeit marginal, growth in some sectors (Reserve Bank).
  18. Out of interest, Is that Net or Gross?
  19. Gross! And i forgot to mention salary sacrificing schemes are available that may significantly reduce your taxation liability!
  20. Aha.. and I suppose I should mention Dame Edna as well! The litte aussi-battleaxe-housewife from the Melbourne suburb of Moonee Ponds who took the mother land by storm several years ago.... (shucks ..... how bloody embarrassing!!) [​IMG]

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