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Discussion in 'Education news' started by ACOYEAR8, Jun 3, 2020.

  1. ridleyrumpus

    ridleyrumpus Star commenter

    TBH I think they would be very happy about that.
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  2. gainly

    gainly Star commenter

    I'm sure the teachers would be as well.
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    ACOYEAR8 Star commenter

    Year 10s like the majority of young people are not programmed to see their own mortality and that's a good thing. They however, find it hard to see reason on occasion and on this I'm with them. The signs in my school tell all to avoid touching handles, especially hard when moving down a corridor punctuated by 4 sets of fire doors.
    It is a daft argument if there is only one school in the town. The bus route to my school services 5 other schools. It wends its way over 13 miles. I cannot say for certain that this fact was considered by Govt advisers, it probably was since their advice is to avoid rush hour. So if we all avoid rush hour then, the........
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  4. DrJay

    DrJay Occasional commenter

    No real risk to them. The real risk bearers are the adults they come into close contacts with i.e. school staff, parents, grandparents, uncle and aunties, etc. The more reason this should be policed but it can't. The number of death is certainly set to rise.
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  5. Jonntyboy

    Jonntyboy Lead commenter

    The number of deaths will rise whatever is done. The number of deaths from all sorts of things rises every day. The number of deaths from flu rises every winter, some winters more than others.

    We cannot prevent deaths! The idea that somehow "the government" can solve this and stop vulnerable people dying from it is ludicrous.

    It will have its time, and those who are going to die from it will do so, if not sooner, then later.
  6. ridleyrumpus

    ridleyrumpus Star commenter

    "It will have its time, and those who are going to die from it will do so, if not sooner, then later."

    What an odd thing to say.

    Why bother with a health service, vaccinations, washing your hands etc then?
    ACOYEAR8 and Marisha like this.

    ACOYEAR8 Star commenter

    There are more exceptions than rules. Not everyone is expected to wear a mask on public transport. Not everyone is expected to quarantine. Not everyone is expected to social distance. It's a b****dy discerning microbe that's all I can say. If viruses could talk, this one would be saying a big ' Thanks ' in English.

  8. Corvuscorax

    Corvuscorax Star commenter

    you do know this is a pandemic, right? You seem to miss that in some of your posts. This is not normal times, normal events or normal deaths

    Yes, "we" do have a measure of control, and our reactions and interventions will have an impact on the course of the pandemic, life and death, and the survival of the economy, not just from lockdown, but from having the workforce temporarily or permanently incapacitated, or dead, or bereaved.
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    ACOYEAR8 Star commenter

    Now it's protesters out and about undoing the work and negating the hardships endured over the last months. Miley Cyrus ? Smiley Virus

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