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Whose going to Brighton for Primary PGCE?

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by ngreen2007, Jan 26, 2007.

  1. Hiya,

    Just thought I'd see if there was anyone else out there!?
  2. Hiya,

    Just thought I'd see if there was anyone else out there!?
  3. Yep me. Think there a few others who post on here too. Must say I can't wait, boring job is getting very boring now! Counting the months, weeks, days.....
  4. Hey I am a secondary PGCE student if that helps and if I can join your club.

  5. Well done for getting your place Paul - roll on September!
  6. msy


    Hi - I'm primary PGCE Brighton. Def fed up with my teaching assistant role now - ready to move on.
  7. Cheers Oakley

    I know am really excited.

    Just need to find somewhere to live, is a bit daunting the house hunting, but hey

  8. Cool!

    I'm really excited too and I know what you mean oakley1, job seems to get more tedious as the hours go by! Still least it gives me access to the internet for free....always important to see the silver lining!

    This will sound really sad but looking forward to getting my hands on the reading list so I can get some done before September....not sure what fellow commuters will thing of me reading children's fiction on way to work but hey!

    Well done to all getting through, fish and chips on brighton beach await us all!!!
  9. Hey N

    Yer I am lookign forward to etting my reading too, not that I will have time as I am in my final eyar at the mo

    Ohhh Fish and chips on the seafront..... sounds wonderful, much nicer than a kebab in Leeds.

    Am looking forward to living by the sea

  10. Hiya,

    I'm going to brighton do to secondary science in september. yay by the sea!!! oh wait I bet its colder
  11. I'm at Brighton uni from Sept doing Secondary RE...

    Anyone else doing RE?
  12. Anyone else going to Brighton uni this year???
  13. i recommend getting yourself on the council list - thats what i did - even though i haven't even had an interview yet!
    it doesn't take long and even if its only temporary then its a roof over your head!
    i can now bid on a place whenever i want and if i dont get on the pgce i may just take up that flat and have a summer in brighton anyway!
  14. Hey, My name's James Chapman. I found out two weeks ago I got a place on the 5-11 Primary PGCE at Brightom (Falmer) starting September!! Anyone looking for a place to live near Brighton/Falmer? Don't know if I can afford halls....
  15. Hey James, can't help with accommodation but well done for getting on the course. I'm on it too so see you there!

    If you're not from Brighton I can recommend Bevendean as a cost-effective place to stay. Moulescoombe doesn't have a great reputation but? it's cheap and really easy/quick to Falmer. I used to live in Bevendean when I was studying at Sussex, one stop on the train or a really quick bus ride in and out.



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