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Who's waiting to hear.... where from?

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by bex900, Feb 10, 2011.

  1. bex900

    bex900 New commenter

    I'm waiting to hear from Herts Uni after an interview in Dec for Primary PGCE.
    I'm driving myself crazy by checking track every 30 minutes!! ha ha

  2. Im waiting to hear from Brighton for PGCE in PE! Interview in Jan. I know the feeling, cant help thinking the worse!
  3. Hi,
    I'm waiting to hear from Marjon regarding my Primary PGCE interview. I had my interview on January the 6th and originally we were told we would hear by the end of January but due to funding we still haven't heard. Initial rejections were sent out 2 weeks ago but there are a few of us waiting to hear.
  4. Also Marjon, interviewed on DECEMBER 6th though!!!

  5. Fingers crossed for two Unconditionals tomorrow Sam!
  6. Definitely! I've had in my mind we will know by the end of this week for a while so fingers crossed. I only work a half day at school on fridays so I'm going to be able to look from half 1 which will be torture and no doubt clicking very often!

  7. Hi everyone,
    I am waiting a decision from The University of Plymouth -Secondary Drama.
    I have had an email nearly two weeks ago stating that subect to funding they want to offer me a place!!
    So waiting hopefully for a firm offer!!
    Fingers crossed we will all hear soon!

  8. I am waiting to hear from Anglia Ruskin (Essex) for Primary PGCE. I had an interview on Jan 12th and have checked Track at least once daily since ........and like you, Bex900, half hourly on my day off!!!! Alternating between no news is good news and total despair !!!! Surely the agonising wait must be over soon eh?
  9. L2T


    STILL waiting to hear from Chester Uni - Primary PGCE. Had my interview early December.
    I called the Uni on Monday, they said they hadn't made any firm offers yet, but we would hear within 2 weeks. So I could be waiting another week yet!
    This is driving me bonkers!! lol ; )
  10. I am waiting to hear from Roehampton for PGCE (Lower Primary). I had my interview on 19th January. Haven't heard anything from them since my interview :( Hope I hear soon, hate keep checking the e-mails and track constantly!!
  11. I got a conditional offer for Chester Uni on Monday after having my interview in November, I applied for Secondary French PGCE though.... I'd think you'll hear very soon because they've obviously finally got their funding details through!
  12. I am waiting to hear from Edge Hill regarding a Secondary RE PGCE. I had my interview the beginning of December and the wait is stressing me out to high heaven! Good luck to everyone that is still waiting to hear! :)
  13. Im waiting to here from Edge Hill Secondary ICT PGCE, had my interview in early January, the wait is killing me!

    Best of luck everyone! :)
  14. Waiting for Marjon, secondary English pgce. Interviewed on 10th NOVEMBER!! had enough bloody waiting now, feel ready to kill someone!

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