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Who's the most annoying teacher in your school?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by lucylollipop, Apr 2, 2011.

  1. I'm in the same situation. Never thought I'd ever want to retire, but this last year has really taken its toll. I seem to hit a wall early evening nowadays, whereas I used to keep planning, marking, preparing etc well into the evening. I pity those who will need ot keep on working till they're in their late sixties before they can get their pension!
  2. Teachers who *** about their colleagues online.
  3. And I agree with the person who said two-faced members of staff who are point scoring by grassing you up (for nothing) and not coming to you directly. Dont pee on my foot and tell me it's raining sweetheart.

    Couldn't agree with you more. I left a job share as my partner teacher was a bully, a grass, a 'union' devotee who was constantly bitching, arrived late every day, did no planning or cobbled together tat from previous years and insisted that all the hefty marking stuff fell on my days...

    I'm a supply now - funnily enough no one bothers me as they're not my colleagues. Generally, have lovely helpful TA's and most of the time easy to follow plans or I'm allowed to do my own thing.

    Hang on, teachers that want their out of control class to create a poster for two hours!!!!!!!!! NO! Please let me teach something a little more stimulating!
  4. piglet33

    piglet33 New commenter

    In our school the member of SLT who is so far up the heads rear that I wouldn't recognise her face if I saw it! She is always getting everything she wants at the drop of a hat regardless of how it affects everyone else in school. She is so smug and by far the member of staff in school that I would love to see fall off the stage flat on her bum!!!! ahhh....rant over!
  5. all the other staff in the school that have no idea about foundation stage but feel free to comment that all we do is play all day!!

    you come and do it then! when it was suggested that ks2 lose their afternoon playtime she snapped up saying she would not work 2 and 1/2 hours without a toilet break!!

    jog on love!!
  6. Arrogant, overbearing PGCE and NQT's. I am all for new blood and new ideas but, this year there seems to be a rather high number of these people and there is no need for them to be like it. Just like in any other job experience is very important in so many way which they will soon find out about!. They also need to remember that there is a lot of issues around 'cost and money' at the moment and a fair few have been selected because they are at the cheaper end of the market, so spare a thought for those of us who are not <u>OLDER</u> teachers but have been in the profession just 12 years and have been made redundent because of cuts.
    I also think the teachers that have bee in the same school for 20 years plus; this is beginning to create an even bigger problem with the job market because everything is so static. Last thing, the person that uses your room and whenyu return it is like a bomb site especially if you are OCC like me!!!!
  7. emilystrange

    emilystrange Star commenter

    in my supply year, i had a pgce student in a class i taught a lot towards christmas, so she'd barely been in a school. she interrupted my teaching input several times and was incredibly cocky and self assured. and wrong.
    another person doing supply, who later became a colleague, altered all the parts and script for my class assembly (last rehearsal, for the day after) and completely confused my children to the point of tears. she also rearranged my classroom.
  8. I think the problem in this case are those members of staff who have 'retired in post' and make other members of staff feel like they are making pointless efforts. In our school we have valued experienced members of staff and also those who just pick up the cheque..
  9. The one who never puts away resources.
    The one who never tidies shared work/teaching spaces.
    The one who thinks teaching is a competition.
    The one who makes snide remarks and makes you feel like *****.
  10. A colleague of mine is going to be teaching Nursery for the first time in her career come August. Her attitude is, "oh it will be great fun. A little water in a tray, a little playdough on a table and the children will be fine." She thinks it's a skive! Also, "afternoon playtime?" Lucky lot you are! Scotland has morning break and lunch, and that's it!
  11. jellytot24

    jellytot24 New commenter

    This made me laugh out loud, I love that image! We have one of those - I worry that one day we'll think she's finally retired but she'll really be pinned down in her stock cupboard by 30 years worth of tat!
  12. Blondie. Shrill voice, know it all and a gossip. Awful!
  13. Let's keep it professional? Names???? :-(
  14. Ruthiesword

    Ruthiesword New commenter

    The one who knows she is so amazing and everything has to be shouted about, over excited all the time about her own achievements and those of her class who are always the worst ever at the start of the year and have made fantastic progress due to her outstanding teaching - shut up it's all for show and we are all laughing at you not with you
    And the NQT who wouldn't teach my lesson because it wasn't outstanding enough - till I got outstanding then she used it - get your own opinions and stick to them if you are so sure of yourself and if not...shut up it's all for show and we are all laughing at you not with you.
    And whoever it is who keeps nicking my stapler!
  15. Memo to self: Must take the stapler back that I 'borrowed' a few weeks ago.
  16. toomuchtoosoon

    toomuchtoosoon New commenter

    The one who quotes action short of striking when smt ask for something but in the next breath wants x y and z from staff for her co-ordinators file.
  17. McCahey

    McCahey New commenter

    The one whose calss assembly ( written by herself) was about what a wonderful teacher she is!!!
  18. ... also the one who inflates her assessment results so I spend first half
    of the year getting them to where they were when they left her class...

    I find this hard to deal with too as it puts me in a bind with parents and administration.
  19. Agreed. Goes against code of ethics.

  20. The one who is always at the doctors and has not done a full half term to my knowledge but her production ensured she was branded a genious even though she had the whole staff working as part of a team helping her and covering for her when she was off. Her FB profile is open. She posted a photograph of herself in the hairdresses one Friday afternoon (whilst off sick) and lots of her seeing beautiful countryside whilst walking her dog (in school hours!) She eats with her mouth open and never says please or thank you. She'll ask for things in an aggressive way and want things there and then (usually when you're halfway through your sandwich).

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