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Who's the most annoying teacher in your school?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by lucylollipop, Apr 2, 2011.

  1. What about those teachers not long in the profession who, at full volume, say it's time 'older'teachers left so that their responsibilty points can be freed up for them! Am happy to say that the 'older'teachers I work with are inspirational, industrious and fun to be with!
  2. Andrew Jeffrey

    Andrew Jeffrey New commenter

    I'm mid 40s. I don't feel like an 'old' or a 'young' teacher. I suspect that both camps believe I am the other one. So Loser, basically.
  3. We have a couple of faffers. Always ready to poke holes in what others are doing and suggesting new procedures for this and that, but you know, that if the excreta hit the air con that they'd be the last people who you'd trust to get things sorted.

    Can you tell it's been a long year?
  4. Sometimes a tried and tested photocopy that's donkey's years old is far better than something new - especially if it works! I always had a mixture of both old and new work - some of it years old and surprisingly it was often the old ones which worked best. As for photographs - not everyone is technology minded and find computers very difficult to use - <u>it actually frightens some people.</u> It does not help or encourage if they are criticized by those who find it easy. It took me years to be able to download my own photographs on the school computers - the system worked in a completely different way to the one I used at home and it confised me. Try spending a bit of your own time with her to explain how to transfer photographs. I work in RAW and the school system refused to recognise the files. At the time, I did not know how to convert fron REG to JPEG on a school computer. "It virtually does it for you for <u>G</u>od's sake!!" Not always!!!!!!
  5. I find young teachers who continually criticize the older and more experienced teachers exceedingly irritating! Just wait until they are ready for retiring and the boot is on the other foot.
  6. Me, too!
  7. No it doesn't. We are all set impossibly high targets, not to achieve, but to beat. And if we fail to do so, then PM doesn't look good, CVA for the school isn't good enough and the world will implode and we will all die! (At least, I think that's what the head said at the last meeting - something along those lines, anyway!)
  8. And these are the really annoying people who simply have to point out the mistakes no matter how tiny that young leaders make. I swear it's the most enjoyment they get all week!!
  9. And these are the really annoying people who simply have to point out the mistakes no matter how tiny that young leaders make. I swear it's the most enjoyment they get all week!!
  10. New teachers (Graduates) who think they know everything and try to tell the rest of us the 'right' way to teach!! Gee!! I wish I knew that one!
  11. An interesting comment. How old are you? I thought then same when I was young. Now i am older. Havent you noticed that "older" teachers sometimes simply dont "last". They retire early on reduced pensions or try to find some other way out. This profession takes a lot out of you and becomes increasingly hard as you get older. An accountant, lawyer, doctor, vet, optician etc etc become highly skilled and more experienced AND more respected as they get older and near retirement. A lot of teachers really start to struggle to meet the demands of the profession. It is the case that instead retirng with respect many leave the job because they can no longer cope ........ with aprofession that was poorly paid from the beginning. I have been teaching for 34 years and miraculously am still well regarded as by the grace of God i have managed to maintain a sharp mind and a quick pace when needed ( reckon Im fitter than half the inactive students I teach). Hopefully when Im due for retirement in 4 years I will still be able working at a pace which earns me respect and not derision from students and younger teachers.
    NONE of my 5 kids would EVER go teaching (according to them) managers, Civil Engineers, IT specialists and even social workers but NO teachers. They saw enough of the work taken home, lack of thanks for extra work and the continual negative talk from the Government.
    Its all very sad, we need excellent committed teachers more than ever. By my observation the number of needy kids has increased over the years.

  12. We have one of those. She's also, to hear her tell it, on the receiving end of a conspiracy to get the absolute WORST students in the school, every year, and we cannot go a year without her whinging about her terrible, terrible class (again).

    I also loathe the ones who don't do any extracurricular work and then complain how busy they are. Or the ones who try to impose new deadlines or schedule events and then, when we (well, I) complain, say, "Well, I teach X and I'm NEVER behind!" (Well, how lovely for you! ******.) And student teachers who get a little above themselves. Sweetie, you're here to learn, not judge, so shut it.
  13. Can't stand 'younger' staff who assume that older teachers do the bare minimum! The more experienced teachers in all schools I have worked in, create a calm, realistic atmosphere and are often able to introduce the most 'original' ideas as they've done it all before!
  14. Actually, I AM an 'older'teacher' hoping to retire next year! I still love my job, enjoy teaching the kids, try really hard to provide stimulating, fun lessons, keep up with the changes in specs, methods,IT and so on - and am great friends with all my department colleagues. You are absolutely right in saying that teaching does take it out of you - my neighbour (NOT a teacher) told me that she watches teachers 'wither' over the year. I do think it's sad that there are divisions in the profession - perhaps further evidence of just how physically and emotionally demanding this job really is. It's a pity the general public, the press and the government don't value teachers more. Maybe then, we'd value ourselves more than we do at present.What do you think?
  15. This sounds just like my syndicate. . . . . Am bored to tears and frustrated out of my mind. Hard to have faith in a syndicate leader that needs support just to copy and paste!!!!!!!!!
  16. younger teachers who can't spell!
  17. Belthazor

    Belthazor New commenter

    Do you think this is to do with the privatisation of education, and the fact that people feel they have to "compete to survive"?
  18. Belthazor

    Belthazor New commenter

    I do like to set high targets to beat and to improve myself, but not impossibly high - what's the point in setting myself (and/or potentially others) up for failure?
  19. but has consistently sneezed all over you, left her germs lying around and infected everyone else. Take the day off so the rest of us don't get ill!
  20. We've got a few of those too. Been teaching for five minutes and think they know the lot!

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