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Who's the most annoying teacher in your school?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by lucylollipop, Apr 2, 2011.

  1. winni1

    winni1 New commenter

    The teacher who'd been qualified for two years but lead Ofsted to believe she was the NQT during a September inspection... I was actually the NQT! That p#£%ed me off for a bit.
    The teacher who earns way more than me because he's blagged his way up the pay spine and then spends his lessons on the net planning his new garden, ordering things for said garden and/or texting under the desk... Play the game sunshine.

  2. lillipad

    lillipad New commenter

    Yes! I can't remember if I posted this earlier in the thread, but the teacher who earns a substantial amount more than me, yet nicks all my lesson plans, 'borrows' resources and looks to me to do all the typing in our planning session. I think someone needs to start earning their beans!
  3. It looks like your minority is growing. I agree, I generally get on Ok with people I work with and have more 'connection' with some than others. There's no-one I actively dislike. I don't always agree with everyone but I've found that you can be pretty straight-up with most people if you've got a problem as long as you think it through first, consider how much you might be contributing to it (the problem) and then explain your position. If it's a major it might be best to get a mediator. We're the adults remember?
  4. Grandsire

    Grandsire Star commenter

    The one who goes off sick every time reports are due in.
    The one who teaches the year below me - any time a pupil in my class makes progress says stuff like "Yes, well, they really improved enormously with me last year..." or "I worked really hard with them last year to make sure they knew that..."
    The one who leaves a dirty coffee cup in my classroom every PPA session. Yuk.
    The member of the SMT who makes a point of asking us teachers how we are each morning, and then begins walking away as we reply. Worse than not being asked.
  5. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    Or even two days off...and then want us to think it was sooo good of them to get their reports written while looking after their child who was ill. Yeah right, that child is ill every single time there is a big job to do! No-one actually believes this poor teacher is a total saint for working while not in school for such a reason, but she persists with the fantasy.

    The one who tells everyone else nasty things about everyone else (making things up if there is nothing bad to report or twist and report) in order to make themselves look better. And of course the SLT who believe them every single time!
  6. For me...its the teacher who is married to the head....the teacher whose children made minimal progress in the earlier part of the year but suddenly have all hit their targets and made huge jumps as reports are being written...double standards in general....the teacher who says a childs progress is down to the reading recovery sessions that they had like 4 years ago or something despite the fact I have taught them for the past 2 years.......but overall I am dead lucky, I work with fab people, we fall out we make up, we try to support each other, so really can't complain complain too much!! I actually think I am the annoying teacher ;-P
  7. Firerose

    Firerose New commenter

    Mine is the one who covers my PPA/LM time every week. Bowls in 5 mins before the bell and leaves at ten past 3. Doesn't mark my books properly, refuses to do any planning, hates children and spends all day shouting at my kids and telling them how naughty they are so I have to deal with a load of sad down children the next day. And all the time laughing at the displays I put up and the resources I make saying they're a waste of time and why do I bother?
    Loathe her,one of those people who would be better off in an office!
  8. CarrieV

    CarrieV Lead commenter

    The one who taught my class a couple of years ago- any time one of them can/can't do something she always comments that "Well, they could do that in year 3". No they bloody couldn't or else they would still be able to do it now.
    Oh, and they have changed considerably in the interveening three years, I think I know them slightly better now than you do!
  9. warmandfuzzy

    warmandfuzzy New commenter

    Oh Christ, that's me!!! [​IMG]
  10. LOL THis thread is entertaining! I wonder if we'd all sound quite so grumpy if it was posted in September? Anyway. BAck to those damned reports.
  11. Perhaps I have completely misunderstood your intention here but it seems to me that an unprofessional and unhelpful response such as this is something that could be classified as annoying for many on this forum. Surely this was meant as a generic and lighthearted thread not an opportunity to air personal gripes. We are in a profession that requires us to behave in a professional manner at all times, model social skills and be passionate about our incredible role in the development of our future world. Its a tough career but it is ours to choose. Perhaps it is worth considering if it is your vocation. Mood hoovers and jobsworthys make this job even harder. I wonder if this comment is worthy of more than a four letter summary response!
  12. mathzapper

    mathzapper New commenter

    Older teachers? Younger teachers are equally as bad at that particular trait!

  13. mathzapper

    mathzapper New commenter

    Whetther old or young the most annoying teachers are the ones who spout current jargon continually in the staf room, unaware of how annoying they are. Oh and they are usually the ones who accept the annual change of routines from SMT without asking 'why?'
  14. Young teachers who think they know it all after teaching for a year or two!! So arrogant
  15. As a PPA cover teacher, who plans all her own lessons and does not get any PPA time at all!! I get annoyed by the class teachers who come to me as I arrive in the morning saying 'oh could you just do this instead today'!!
  16. so agree with this and in our school so many of the younger teachers simply agree with everything without a question, get a mind of your own please
  17. so agree with this and in our school so many of the younger teachers simply agree with everything without a question, get a mind of your own please
  18. Hi why don't you get PPA time to plan thats an outrage. I would talk to the head if I was you and if no joy speak to the union. Remember teachers kicked up a fuss (rightly so life/.work balance)few years back because they wanted PPA time in school (hence HLTA's like myself and I get plan time) so why can't you. Good luck
  19. Fair enough - but, please don't tar all PPA staff with the same brush. (Yes, I am one!!!). I plan, mark and assess all work the children do with me, in year groups from reception (and sometimes nursery) up to year 6, and lessons ranging from literacy and numeracy, to RE and PE!. Yes, there are things we don't have to do that regular class teachers don't, but we also have different stresses that classroom teachers don't! Added to which, our own PPA time often 'disappears' with the words, "could you just cover ....................." At the moment, my PPA consists of one hour and 2 x 1/2 hours. Not complaining cos school is generally supportive and generally has staff's interests at heart (after the pupils, of course!), but I don't get a lot done, and also don't have a 'team' to work with as our PPA is all at different times,
  20. Well said Kildonan!!!!!!! (and I'm 'younger')

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