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Who’s responsible for Missing gcse art coursework

Discussion in 'Welcome lounge and forum help' started by elizabeth27anne, Jul 10, 2019.

  1. I’m not sure where to post ,
    I’m very upset.

    My daughter left school last year
    Got all 9 GCSEs despite having missed most of her lessons
    Partly due to adhd
    Went into sixth form. As that was her incentive to pass her exams .
    Then , disappointingly
    Decided she wasn’t able to function well enough to study, its a great shame as she’s very talented .
    As she has depression
    And associated mental health issues
    She produced around 40 pieces of art work
    For her gcse
    And it was good to be included as an example of stutend capabilities and shown to the board of examiners .
    When she’s asked for her work back
    She has been advised to make an appointment
    So she can go into school
    She has been in several times
    And now the school are saying she’s had all the work back
    There’s nothing left
    And I may have to draw a line under it!
    I’m angry
    They don’t invite me in to search
    My daughter needs this work back
    It has meaning and focus for her
    What position are we in with regards
    Taking them to court
    Dying them even?
    I’m not prepared to let it drop
    The headmistresss said
    It’s never happened to anyone else!

    Which to me,
    I’d merely rubbing salt into the open wound
    Can anyone advise me where I stand please
    Like so they have a responsibility to the care for the work ?
    Any advise please
  2. Skeoch

    Skeoch Lead commenter

    Start with the school's written policy on this.
    Also check the exam board (Awarding Body) policy - which you will be able to find online.
    Then at least you will be on firm ground.
    There's likely to be a retention period which will align with the exam appeals process. Then there'll be an opportunity of some sort to retrieve the coursework. If as you imply this is work for the June 2018 exam series, there's a reasonable chance you are too late.
    Ultimately every school will need to dispose of coursework that is unclaimed, as storage space is limited - this will be true especially of Art and Technology, less so if coursework is electronic. I'd expect some sort of warning of this to be given, but it may well have been a spoken instruction in class, rather than a letter or email. In the long run the school will have no responsibility to care for the work indefinitely. (As an aside, I routinely tell leavers that their electronic folders will be deleted one term after they have left, and that their logins and email addresses will be closed the day they leave. They can ask for their folders to be forwarded to them, but only for that length of time.)
    You might find out what your daughter's classmates have done. That may give a clue. You might like to ask the art teacher what the process is and where the work is stored.
  3. BTBAM85

    BTBAM85 New commenter

    Not the best poem I've ever read but at least unlike the kids you've set it out correctly
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