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Who's looking forward to the remake of AYBS?

Discussion in 'Personal' started by Duke of York, Mar 6, 2016.

  1. Duke of York

    Duke of York Star commenter

    I gather that a remake of Are You Being Served is due to air in the summer. Captain Peacock will be played by John Challis; Mrs Slocombe by Sherrie Hewson; Mr Humphries by Jason Watkins; Miss Brahms by Niky Wardley; Mr Grainger by Roy Barraclough; Mr Harmon by Arthur Smith, plus some new cast members.

    Will you be looking forward to it and do you have any suggestions for how Mrs Slocombe's p u s s y might feature? Will she be telling us that a picture she posted of it on Facebook only had three thumbs up?
  2. blazer

    blazer Star commenter

    Will we get to see Mrs Slocombe's p u s s y?

    We have a teacher at work called Mr Humphries. When I asked him in the staffroom if he was free only me and him laughed!
  3. FritzGrade

    FritzGrade Senior commenter

    Like Dads Army rebooted a strange concept where current actors impersonate actors of 40 years ago playing parts in TV sitcom. What next? Actors playing Reg and Jack in the film of the film of the TV series that was dire
  4. emilystrange

    emilystrange Star commenter

    i'm there!
  5. Didactylos4

    Didactylos4 Star commenter

    Not for me
  6. Jesmond12

    Jesmond12 Star commenter

    Wonder if they will get away with all of the innuendo?
  7. magic surf bus

    magic surf bus Star commenter

    I'm looking forward to that about as much as I looked forward to the Reginald Perrin remake, the recent Dad's Army movie, Paul Merton's Hancock Blood Donor reboot and the ridiculous Ant & Dec 'tribute' to The Likely Lads.
  8. Duke of York

    Duke of York Star commenter

    You never know your luck. It might be funny this time around.
  9. Lascarina

    Lascarina Star commenter

    It couldn't possibly be as funny as the original. I don't understand why they try to redo these things that were so successful and so very much of their time.
    grumpydogwoman likes this.
  10. ScotSEN

    ScotSEN Senior commenter

    The thought of a remake of this being on when I get back is enough to make me wish I had the money to extend my holiday!
    grumpydogwoman likes this.
  11. jacob

    jacob Lead commenter

    Do the PC police allow it? (The big question is why? It wasn't funny first time round to be honest.)
    ScotSEN likes this.
  12. grumpydogwoman

    grumpydogwoman Star commenter

    Is there a petition I can sign???

    NO MORE P u SS Y
    ScotSEN likes this.
  13. Mangleworzle

    Mangleworzle Star commenter

    Yebbut times were hard in the 70's, half the country would gather round the telly to watch things that we now consider to be a bit embarrassing, and when you're a teenager watching grown ups making rude jokes however infantile and you actually get them it becomes much funnier.

    These remakes should be left alone, they are just lazy easy money attempts, why do anything new if you can use left overs to get ahead of the game.
    ScotSEN likes this.
  14. lardylady

    lardylady Star commenter

    I wonder if there will be a remake of 'Love Thy Neighbour'. Now that really would be interesting!

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