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Who's been watching the Made in Britain series?

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by modelmaker, Jun 30, 2011.

  1. modelmaker

    modelmaker Occasional commenter

    I don't accept all of it carte blanche, but Even Davis makes a strong point.The world has moved on since the UK was a manufacturing base and the only things it's worthwile getting involved in is high-end goods.
    How do you think schools are taking this on board?
    Will the time come, do you think, that schools in the UK accept that the Chinese make better keyrings, lamps and USB memory stick devices than your students will ever be able to devise?
    How well do you think projects like these prepare kids for the challenges the real market has in design and technology?

  2. bigpedro

    bigpedro New commenter

    I think its a fair point thats made, but from little acorns.......

    Theres no way that Britain will ever be able to compete with the likes of China for manufacturing. However, as designers and engineers, we're still up there (even if we have to move to Asia or the US to see it through). So I completely agree that students will NEVER be able to produce similar quality items but the thought process and an understanding of the manufacturing processes will teach students the basics of being a designer.
    The same point could be argued about medicine.... Why teach chemistry when the pharmaceutical industry is making much better painkillers than your y10s ?
    I think its testimony to Design and Technology (and it's predicessors) that for such a long time it did keep up with industry. Science, maths, geography e.t.c. left classroom level teaching behind years ago.
  3. Spencer_DT

    Spencer_DT Occasional commenter

    I think with our A level students we are afforded some space within our choice of Brief to try and re- address this real world gap, if you like. We try to initiate links with high end British companies, at present working on a brief with KEF a British high end speaker manufacturer and design company. The students get the opportunity to look in detail at a company like this and also consider the ideals or ethos behind them. We have in the past undertaken a brief for the aerial atom, Joseph Joseph and also were given exclusive access to the Aston Martin factory. I believe that we as teachers should stop waiting around for exam boards and the like to tell us what Design is, because I am not sure that they always know themselves. Of late we have found our students placements at Studio Conran and Tom Dixon and are enthused even invigorated by the process. We believe in what we preach and will not wait around for the UK system to tell us what they think. All you have to do is go to an airport and watch the Brits queuing up to get on the flight that they already have an allocated seat for, we are becoming a nation of waiters, not the serving type. Happy to be told when to do something and how. We as teachers can and do make a difference all we have to do is actually believe it!

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