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Whole School Writing task and moderation

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Ktee, Jul 21, 2012.

  1. Ktee

    Ktee New commenter

    Hello, just wondering if anyone does whole school writing moderation where all children do the same writing task? We are looking into starting this from September. I quite liked the thought of sharing a whole school stimulus in assembly then everyone doing the same, unaided writing task. Thought maybe we could assess examples from across the school in a staff meeting??

    If anyone has any experience/ tips I'd be very grateful xx
  2. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    We do to a point. It doesn't really work too much with the lower levels though, so causes some resentment and trickiness. We use APP grids for the marking/moderation.

    Level 1 writing says 'with support children can...' which is hard to judge in a different room as a different teacher. And year 5/6 teachers aren't keen on marking work that has any obvious support as they don't see it as the child's own work. Yes we need to do more as a school to educate them, but it causes problems.

    Level 2 writing says 'in some pieces of writing children...' which means the criteria may not be evident in the piece taken to the staff meeting. Those doing the moderation are then really disgruntled when the classteacher still highlights the criteria because the children show it in some pieces. Again it is the teachers higher up the school who are used to levelling work at level 4/5 who want to see the criteria over and over in pretty much all pieces to give it. They don't understand the idea that 'sometimes' doing something is ok when you are only just learning to write.

    It is a nice idea, but I think you need to educate all staff thoroughly on what the level expectations really are before it is possible to do this well.
  3. We have done this, but you have to make sure task is appropriate across the school.
    Last year we used the Royal Wedding - not a good topic for many primary school children, especially boys!
  4. cally1980

    cally1980 Established commenter

    My last school used to do it half termly. It was always a letter. The Literacy Coordinator would write the children a funny letter full of lots of exciting things and thought provoking questions and the children would write back after a talk session where they shared their ideas etc... The children loved it they were given the creative license to embellish their stories and make their letters as funny as possible. We then assessed using the criterion scale & it was really interesting to see the year on year progression through the same piece of writing.
  5. InkyP

    InkyP Star commenter

    If it's the whole school I'm not sure what kind of writing you are expecting from Nursery or Reception, particularly in September. Or whether they will be inspired by the same stimulus as Year 6.
  6. roise

    roise New commenter

    I want to do this next year as well. From nursery and reception I would be looking for mark making, some emergent writing and in our school our nursery children who have moved up to reception would be starting to use sounds or writing their names which can be matched to the ELGs. I love the idea of a funny letter as a stimulus.
  7. We've done it before, usually based on an assembly e.g. chn have been introduced to a golden egg found on the playground and they wrote stories about what happened when the egg hatched. Also wrote about what they would do if they were headteacher for the day, a profile about themselves for a whole school book and retelling of a SEAL story.

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