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Whole school tracking: secondary

Discussion in 'Assessment' started by Alan G, May 31, 2013.

  1. Dear All

    First time poster so apologies if this has been covered in the past.

    We have an opportunity as a school to relook at our whole school assessment tracking as we are moving to a new ICT system and would like to know what other schools do just to get some ideas as to what we should change.

    -How often is data entered whole school?

    -How do you ensure that the data entered is robust?

    -What data do you work with? Forecast grades, WAGs?

    -What do you use to generate targets at KS3 and 4? FFTD, 3/4 levels of progress, CATs?

    -How do you track progress whole school? Does it differ KS3/4

    -What do you do with the data once it's entered?

    -How do you communicate to parents?

    Appreciate this is alot but any thoughts/advice most welcome.


  2. Scintillant

    Scintillant Star commenter

    My first is thought is what is the best practice model employed by schools in the UK and recommended by both the government and education professionals based on research?

    Oh sorry, lol this is teaching. Just make something up that sounds good and batter the staff with it. Usually 'works'.

    If you don't even know if your data is robust, it seems a fairly pointless exercise. Not that it ever stops anyone.

  3. This is more about us being able to ensure we are getting the best from our students and ensuring the highest standards rather than us pandering to government recommendations.

    Agree with your point about data being robust, hence the question.
  4. Tartuffe

    Tartuffe Occasional commenter

    3 times a year

    peer moderation, joint marking, standardisation exercises

    Actual Level KS3, Predicted GCSe grade KS4

    3 LOP as minimum target grade, 4 LOp as Higher Target Grade (FFT feeds into this process

    Data is entered by class teacher, there is then analysis done in system (SIMS Assesment) and trends identified. When last teacher has entered predicted grade we click a button and have KPIs all sorted - can then look at interventions

    3 reports a year mainly now delivered electronically on our Parent portal which links to SIMS. We also publish graphs and other KPIs

    It took a bit of time setting this all up in SIMS butr is worth it now
  5. Scintillant

    Scintillant Star commenter


    done a few of those...

    and when they show problems they are always ignored as the problem is too huge to address.

    how many times have you gone back and remarked all those hundreds of pieces of work from teachers out of tolerance? Never seen it. It's window dressing.

  6. Hi Alan G

    Our department uses www.myschoolpal.co.uk we enter results 6 times a year which allows us to track pupil's progress consistently. I personally developed MySchoolPal so that teachers can also enter there own data (HWK/Tests). It has loads of tools built into it that teachers love using as it allows them to view the progress of all pupil groups or levels of progress made (basically all the things OFSTED want teachers to know) therefore it saves them loads of time.

    Let me know if your interested as I'm keen for people to use it (For free).



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