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Discussion in 'Primary' started by pbkupersamy, Jul 14, 2009.

  1. Hi.
    I am Maths Manager and we are in desperate need to improve our children's timestables knowledge. Does anyone have a Whole school approach in tackling this problem: schemes, prizes, awards etc. Please Help!!!
  2. We have a whole school scheme to improve our mental maths, we devised a series of 'awards' that start with addition and subtraction facts to 20 and go on to some really tricky conversion questions, all children throughout the school are working on a different award, we do them once a week with a strict time limit. Children have to get everyone right in the time limit to 'get' that award. The children absolutely love it and it has massively improved the recall of facts.
  3. Hi. I don't have anything to send you but hope this info might be useful. We had a whole school approach a couple of years ago called the 'Times Table Challenge'. We had a range of 'challenges' on card in different colours with different tables on so that it was possible for the teacher to differentiate and also so that the children could choose which one they were ready for. Eg the first one might be x2 and x10. I know we had special stickers for them to put on a master card of the tables so that the children could fill it as they learned/won them. We used to get the children to learn the table/s at home and suggested that they aimed to recall each fact within so many seconds etc. They would then be challenged on a 1:1 by a teacher or TA, building up to a challenge with the head! As with any 'challenge' this probably has its flaws and I know some children might find this a little stressful, but checking 1:1 meant that staff could apply discretion with SEN and still challenge everyone inclusively. We made a big fuss of the children and it seemed to work well; they became competitive and wanted to beat each other. As with everything though, the minute you stop checking... We should probably give it another go ourselves! Hope this helps.
  4. WolfPaul

    WolfPaul New commenter

  5. I like Times Attack! Kids love the games element and absorb the knowledge incidentally.
    Kids simply love it and play the game without realising they are learning their tables!

    mention me if you subscribe. (free) Personal email attention from Clay Christiansen, the author.
  6. Thanx for suggestions. Any other ideas
  7. Hi! Sorry to be cheeky but saw your post re mental maths and was wondering if there's any chance of seeing an example of the scheme your school uses. We are in desperate need of a scheme for mental maths, but I'm struggling to think where to start!!
    Hope you don't mind me asking


  8. Hi,
    Am currently doing some reseach to try and set up a whole school maths award for times tables and mental maths learning. In doing my searching I've come across this thread. Obviously this thread is old but if you do still use this award or have access to it would it be possible to have a little more information on it please.

    Thank you
  9. My times tables strategy is a weekly, differentiated, challenge for pupils.
    Answer 30 questions on paper, timed.
    Top finisher in each group (sorted by correct answers and then by fastest time for a tiebreak) is given a certificate in assembly.
    Simple and has proven very effective in my current setting.
  10. In my opinion, there has been too much focus on learning to count in steps of 3, 4, 5 etc and too little emphasis on actually learning times tables. My maths set can count in 7s, 8s and 9s but still struggle to recall those times tables. I think they need to chant them and practise writing out questions and answers. Many teachers are happy for children to practise their tables just by writing out the answers but I've been encouraging mine to write out the question and answer and I've seen pleasing improvements with their times tables.
  11. Thank you, very useful :)

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