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whole school technology ideas, help!!!

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by 2005rachel0, Sep 4, 2012.

  1. 2005rachel0

    2005rachel0 New commenter

    My primary school is having 2012/2013 as the year of technology (including DT / ICT / science) and as I am now apparently running this event I am desperate for some ideas that we could could do as whole school days.
    Last academic year was the year of the arts, amongst other things we had a colour day, where each class created art using just their given colour. There were also various music concerts organised for the children. I was on maternity leave last year so didnt see the days but apparently they were very successful and the pressure is now for me to plan and carry out something as successful.
    We have 2 classes per year group from Nursery up to year 6, set in a deprived, multucultural area.
    Any ideas would be greatfully received, thanks.
  2. fulloffun

    fulloffun New commenter

    Could you have a recycle day ? using recycled items to turn into new items that you sell to the parents
    eg plastic milk bottles turned into bird feeders
    CDs turned into bird scarers or sun catchers
    grow cress in food trays/old shoes .....tights cress heads...eggshells faces drawn on
    turn old jumpers into cushions
    old socks into hand puppets
    we have House days where the children from R-Yr6 get into their houses and make things to sell at enterprise days.Often from recycled stuff as we have no money.
  3. Get your STEM network involved. They have ambassadors who can come into school and help you run activities.
    Or how about doing one of the many nationally run competitions based around building cars, or structures or a flight based activity.
    Google is your friend on this, plus resources on this site - there is loads out there which can be adapted to suit your school, age of children, resources available and time frame you have to fit it into.
  4. In my nephew's primary school over the last few years they have really been trying to introduce IT at a young age, and as a result have undertaken similar schemes

    Some of the most enjoyed projects they have done have involved collaborative projects over the internet, for example having to produce a PowerPoint presentation in a group only communicating through computers. It may not be suitable for some of the younger years. but I've been told it worked quite well for years 5 and 6.

    Hope this helps!

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