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Whole School Reward System

Discussion in 'Behaviour' started by 144693, Apr 18, 2018.

  1. 144693

    144693 New commenter

    Hi everyone,

    Our whole school reward system needs some refreshing (junior school, yrs 3-6, multi-cultural). It is quite outdated, not as meaningful anymore and not entirely fair towards all children.

    We know that reward system that encourages and empowers students to want to do well are very important, which is why we need to update ours.

    Can any of you lovely members share any inspiring ideas from their schools that have worked well, are not time consuming for members of staff and that are fair for everyone?

    Thanks a lot in advance :)

    SEBREGIS Lead commenter

    Basically, anything where you can just stamp a book as you go around, or click a number of students at once.

    In my school we use ClassCharts, which is quite handy. I can do 'Select All' and then give the entire class an achievement point. Sometimes I'll do "Select All" and then put that on the board as the class are working in scriptorium silence. Any student who speaks gets deselected (cough cough...look at the board) and then put back if they return to work. I try to give out at least two to everyone who is just doing their job with an option of gaining more through actually doing something better than others.

    The school should have some mechanism for translating achievement points into rewards.These don't have to cost anything, A very popular one is a 'get into dinner first' pass. A friend of mine takes in a box of Maltesers and the students can exchange their behaviour points 1/1. But food works well. Or sweets from a tuck shop.

    I've discussed this a lot with my form. They don't mind the clever kids getting recognition, but they really don't like:
    1) The way that achievement points get used to encourage students who have bad behaviour (Fred, you didn't set fire to anyone this lesson - have an achievement point) and
    2) The way that hard working but unexceptional students don't get rewarded.

    if you look at the point scores for your students and see the geniuses and the thugs outperforming the hard working 'ordinary' students, then there's a problem.
  3. hammie

    hammie Lead commenter

    i use (based on several models I saw on supply) a simple ladder system, they all start in the middle each day (laminated name and blue tac) If they do something good, i tell them to move their name up a level, anything bad, move down a level.
    Going down to White (warning), yellow move seat, Red move to another room for a while and so forth.

    Far more importantly in my experience is the up ladder. Green=well done, Silver=collect a raffle ticket for the end of week draw, Gold = a golden ticket at the end of the day to take home (it says well done you have achieved the gold standard for work and behaviour today). When they have collected 5 golden tickets they can collect something from my reward tin. (I use a lot of stationery because they like it and it means there are more rubbers, decent pencils etc in my room!)

    Important is that they can move back up, or fall from gold if they do something daft at five to 3!

    I introduced it at Christmas when I took over a Year 5 class. Previously there was only a negative ladder and a straight jump to positive raffle tickets. I found this definitely resulted in the mids missing out, the top level getting tickets and the naughties getting too many raffle tickets as well as too many reds and out. With a positive small step ladder, it evened it all out and certainly helped me to catch good behaviour and reward it in a small way immediately which I find essential to teaching good behaviour in a calm positive manner.
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