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Whole School Reading Assessment

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Opera Diva, Sep 1, 2011.

  1. We have tried Rising Stars about 5 years ago but did not find it useful. The reading comprehension tasks had 20 marks and if you did not get more than 3 marks as a Y4 child you were level 1!!!
    Nothing really tallied and levelling against a number of marks doesn't tell you anything.
    We don't use APP - I never have done. I always found it to be too 'best fit' and did not give an accurate picture and we ended up with a massive assessment issue where the pudding was overegged!!!
    Moved on to developing our own stranded sheets by looking at lots of examples from other LAs etc... and compiling the best of what we found - they match the assessment focus areas, books bands and levels. Early days yet as only been in place just under 2 terms. We purchased new reading books and banded them above lime level and matched these to assessment focus areas and levels - we definitely needed something that would be consistent throughout the school.
    I tried Edinburgh Reading test years ago but it gave reading ages - ?????? Did not really help with getting children hooked on reading and loving books.
    Sorry, don't feel as though I have helped - only given you 2 examples to avoid.
  2. Thank you very much for your response! It's so hard isn't it to find something just right! I had looked at the Rising Stars stuff and am glad to have had an honest opinion!
    We started using some sort of APP but I agree it is very best fit.
    The search continues.
    Thank you!
  3. Anybody else?

  4. Maybe you should look at how KS1 results are achieved and work on that rather than throw out the optional SATs which are, at least, standardised. Y2 teachers will be using the KS1 SATs plus TA to reach their final assessment, so is that being done rigorously enough?
  5. I use rising stars through the year, optional SAT in May, then look at these in relation to my guided reading notes. I usually end up dropping my test levels as they usually come out higher than my TA.
  6. I often have to do the same. I'm year 2 so my assessments have to be rigorous and subject to scrutiny and moderation. I definitely wouldn't rely on the results of a test to get a reading level.
  7. Yes - I'm Y5, so same issue, and the Y5 SAT is notorious among Y6 teachers for being 'too easy'!
  8. I too am looking for something to replace optional SAT's. I work in an International school and follow the British Curriculum. With the availability of optional SAT's online most of our kids have done them before, at home, so the results are way off the markcompared to TA.
    We have changed to Progress in English adn Porgress in Maths for the end of year which still gives us a level.
    We have introduced tracking through a loose form of APP but teachers are struggling with it as are parents (very exam based here). We do do reading and spelling age tests but want something we can use each term.
    Has anyone used (on know anything about) Hodders Progress in Reading Assessment?
  9. bigbev

    bigbev New commenter

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