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Whole school RE competition

Discussion in 'Religious Education' started by sunshine76, Apr 20, 2012.

  1. sunshine76

    sunshine76 New commenter

    I've been asked to come up with a competition about RE that the whole school can enter (there would be a winner in each year group 7-11)
    The kids aren't particularly enthusiastic about RE, so it would be good to come up with something which really fires their imagination without being too 'religious' - sounds awful I know.
    So any suggestions would be really welcome :)

  2. grandelf

    grandelf New commenter

    how about something philosophy or ethically based

    it is wrong to test on animals because.....

    Evil makes it impossible to believe in god because

    or THUNK it.
    <h4>If you eat yourself do you become twice as big?</h4><h4>Should animals have the same rights as humans?</h4><h4>if you act sad are you sad?</h4><h4>If you take the stripes of a zebra what colour is it underneath?</h4>
  3. The Sun this week had something that has fired my imagination to use in a lesson somehow that might well work for you. (I hasten to add I do not read the Sun, it was mentioned in another newspaper I read lol)
    It was basically a wheel and on it were pictures of different people with a label saying why they had bee nplaced in that posiiton - the wheel was entitled moral compass with extremely moral at the top and extrememly immoral at the bottom.
    Could get them to creat their own with a written explanation and pictures of famous people/family etc on it

  4. You could look at the Natre spirited arts competition
  5. ott


    What about a link with the olympics - design a new symbol showing importance of community and diversity!
  6. sunshine76

    sunshine76 New commenter

    Wow - thank you all - fab ideas and really inspirational! I will have a good look at all these during this week.
    Chipadem - if you wouldn't mind sharing the list of quotes that would be great.

  7. Hi, I'm interested in your idea for an RE comp- do you still have the list of quotations to hand? If you do I'd be really interested. Thanks, Debbie
  8. Would it be possible to also get a list of those quotations - thanks very much :) my email is
  9. Me too please
  10. hey

    The annual Art in Heaven competition has been run each year by NATRE since 2004. This year, around 18 000 pupils took part and entered the competition, and we have awarded 30 prizes. There was nothing simple about the judging process, but the agreement in the end was complete. Judges included two former winners of NATRE competitions and RE today / NATRE staff. They were very pleased and impressed with the quality of thinking about all five of the themes. The best examples were also beautifully crafted and often startling in their originality and imagination. Good RE is always creative and thoughtful ? we were in no doubt that the entries we saw this year are evidence of RE's strength. From 5 year olds through to 14-19s, there were so many examples of excellence. Some of the best work was focused on concepts, scriptures or experiences in powerful ways. We would like it next year if there were more entries from the infant schools, and more from the 14-19 age range. The competition offers much to these age groups, but they were under represented in the entries we received. We also like to receive video based entries: there were over a dozen of these this year, all very interesting. All the pupils whose work was submitted will receive a certificate of achievement.
  11. wildrover83

    wildrover83 New commenter

    Hi chipandem,

    I also really like the sound of your 'wise words' competition could I also please get a copy of your famous quotations. My email is english.teacher.china@gmail.com


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