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Whole School Producion

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by Helsb83, Jul 6, 2011.

  1. Next year I want to direct a whole school production/musical but it will be my first attempt at anything this big. Im interested in finding out what you've done and what you would recommend (baring in mind its my first one).
    Any ideas/suggestions would help...
    Thank you
  2. Welcome to the school show club! Best part of my year but boy is it knackering! Best piece of advice I can give you is have the show the week before a half term or holiday so that you've got a proper rest afterwards. We had it two weeks after a holiday one year and it felt like the end of term already with 4 weeks left to go. Bad idea!
    If you're doing a first show, I would suggest something that is shorter and has a smallish cast. Little Shop of Horrors is quite good for this because you can add a bigger chorus if you want but the actual main cast is quite small. That way you can be quite flexible. Essentially the more kids you have, the more work it is! Obviously, you've got the problem of plants (but these can be hired) but advantages are costumes are easy, show is only 1h30 and not a lot of big dance numbers which take the time when doing a musical.
    Make sure you've got plenty of people to help e.g. backstage keeping kids quiet, front of house, costumes, props, posters etc.
    And most of all...enjoy! Good luck. You will love it!

  3. Bugsey Marlone would be a fantastic show to start off with and one the kids love doing.
  4. angelinascullina

    angelinascullina New commenter

    Bugsy is a lovely show.....but
    Save yourself a LOT of trouble and stress and use a script/publisher for schools. I have staged countless big name musicals and each time I have been horrified a the costs and restrictions. "But we are just a school" never washes with them, they have rules for good reasons but adding, cutting, changing and doing any of the things you will inevitably need to do are not allowed and everything comes at a whopping price. Try something new, flexible and totally geared up to young performers and schools on budgets. Try www.luckybucket.co.uk where you can get everything you need (script, score, cds for rehearsal amd performance and flexible licences all for £70! No hidden extras!). The shows are being performed across the country and have been endorsed by British playwright Richard Harris. Yes I am biased as I work for the company but I have been in your position hundreds of times and never came out unscathed!!!! The work is done for you and when you make an enquiry you only have to say how many performers you have and in what age range and they will send out the most suitable perusal scripts FREE of charge! Good luck and have fun. It can be such a rewarding experience x

  5. Thank You for the responses, its always interesting to know where the best place to start is. Before I started at the school they did Grease so Im glad no one mentioned that. In all honesty I cant stand Little Shop (I know, sorry!!) but I think I would enjoy doing it. I do like Bugsy though. I will certainly check out the website because again choosing the play is the first step but its where to go from there...
    Thanx for the advice

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