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Whole School INSET on Oracy - help!!!

Discussion in 'Heads of department' started by jsparkle, Apr 23, 2009.

  1. Hi, I need to run a whole school INSET on oracy - how to raise achievement through oracy and improving students S+L. This is 2 days after returning from my 9 month maternity leave - and I am all out of ideas - HELP!!!!
  2. Hi
    Not sure what Key Stages(s) you are looking at but the Talk for Writing pack with Pie Corbett is interesting - I found the DVD material useful when looking at developing the Sp/L aspect at KS 1 and 2. If you search for it on teachernet it should show up with the reference no.
  3. Hi
    Have a look at this website: wwwthestoryemporium.co.uk
  4. Install Audacity
    on as many laptops as possible and learn to use it
    Tim Brook
  5. So, let me get this straight. You have to train the whole school on a subject, but you haven't got a clue. Is it any wonder that INSET is so ****?
    In industry I was taught some simple economics. 50 people in a room for 1 hour equals fifty man hours. The company used to sell ten pounds worth of stuff for every pound spent on wages. If fifty man hours was costing you £500 in wages, it was costing you £5000 in lost sales.
    The bottom line is you need a bl**dy good reason to consume this amount of people's time. If what you are going to say isn't worth £5000, don't bother. If you are desperately casting around for ideas to fill up an hour, I don't think this qualifies.
    When INSET was conceived I don't think it was envisaged that it would be used by the ladder-climbers to bore the pants off the rest of the staff.
    As the kids say: "No offence, mate."
  6. derekdalek

    derekdalek New commenter

    As my mum would say, if you have nothing useful to say...keep your mouth closed!
    It looks like the OP is doing some research to make her session worthwhile, so kudos to her and to those who replied with helpful suggestions.
    Maybe you should eat something nice - might cheer you up as you sound like a misery-guts..
  7. Don't forget the listening aspect of speaking and listening. Yes, probably a very silly thing to say until you realise that we don't actually teach our children how to be good listeners. All the focus is on the talking. One resource I'd recommend is a National Strategy document I can't quite remember the title of. It's the one that follows on from the New Arrivals Excellence Programme and deals with how to support EAL students through learning. There's a very useful module on speaking and listening in there that has implications for more than just EAL students. Hopefully someone else can remember its title.

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