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Whole School Assessment Procedures

Discussion in 'Assessment' started by stokieman, Nov 27, 2011.

  1. Hi, the problem you will have is that different subjects will by necessity do things in different ways. If you look for a one size fits all approach then it will only suit certain subjects, leading to lack of ownership, resentment etc etc. What we did was to come up with an agreed set of core principles (eg peer assessment is an important part of our practice) and ask subject leaders to write policies that showed how these principles were met in their areas. These policies will then show you the evidence you need to look for when you pick up work from any subject. This removes the "Ah,that may work for ******* but wouldn't work in Maths/Science/MFL/PE " defence/smokescreen. Try deciding what your core principles are - most schools seem to have their own take on AfL, put them out there and see what happens. I know that for the first time in years I am actually happy to give new staff or students our assessment policy (I'm Science) and know that it actually is a useful document that works for us.
    Good luck with the role
  2. minnie me

    minnie me Star commenter


    Have what I think you want -let me have e mail contact and shall forward an audit .

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