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Whole school Art and Design and Technology project

Discussion in 'Art and design' started by Joanna93f, Jan 7, 2011.

  1. I wonder if anyone has any ideas to help me... I am trying to plan a whole school (FS2-Yr6) project, which will involve each class at some level. I was thinking maybe we could do street party scene in the reception of the school. With each class planning and contributing one thing, perhaps foundation could do the bunting and so on. What do you think of this idea? And has anyone got any suggestions of other activities any of the other classes could do?
    Many thanks
  2. Mrs Grumpy

    Mrs Grumpy New commenter

    Why not "do the corny thing" and base it on the Royal Wedding theme? Dress Designs - even dressing up Barbie dolls, crown jewels, coaches and special wedding cars, heraldry, processions as cut-out friezes, a bit like the bayeux tapestry, family trees, picture story "biographies" of the bride & groom, decorative / souvenir plates ( paper plates, of course) - all this and more can form a large exhibition background display for a knees-up for kids - a real "street party". Historically there will be lots about previous royal weddings and street parties - get people to come in and tell about coronation parties, and royal jubilee parties, as there'll not be so many now to talk about Victory in WWII parties... go on, the list is endless....

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