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Whole class lesson delivery

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by louise1202, Feb 3, 2011.

  1. louise1202

    louise1202 New commenter

    hi all
    I have an assignment to plan a lesson which can be delivered to the whole class.
    I have already done this- but now I am panicking that I misunderstood! I assumed this was a normal lesson- i am in key stage 1- but rather than working with a up of pupils, as I had done previously, this was a 'proper' lesson. My plan was the usual starter and then I split up my children into 4 groups to carry out some activities before reforming for the plenary.
    I now think I may have been wrong, perhaps this was supposed to be an entire group lesson for the whole session? In the school I am placed in, we never stay as one group working together for a lesson, the children always do independant or collaborative group work.
    How do you take this quesion to be?
    One of MY learning outcomes (not the childrens!) is to understand the ways in which whole class work is different to individual and group work! So this is what made me think perhaps we were supposed to be just one group for the whole lesson. I don't want to produce my written assignment wrong but Uni is closed this week for inter semester break and its due in next week so no chance to question my tutor now!

    Is it fair to assume that part of delivering a lesson to a whole class can mean directing the formation of groups as long as i am still responsible for all work occurring in all groups, and directing the TA to support a specific group whilst I work with individual children on their numeracy targets, as part of the work?

  2. louise1202

    louise1202 New commenter

    sorry i said the word 'up' in my post, this word should be GROUP. I must have deleted the first part by mistake [​IMG]
  3. Sillow

    Sillow Lead commenter

    If it makes you feel any better, I have never taken the whole class for the whole lesson. They always have some partner time, or group time, or individual time. A typical set-up for a lesson is to have a 5-10minute starter, 15-20minutes whole class teaching, 25-30minutes of group/pair/individual work and 5-10minutes of a plenary. Keeping a class on the carpet and concentrating on you for more than about 15 minutes is going to be tricky, let alone an hour!
    I can only imagine that your learning outcome wants you to compare the whole-class teaching element with the group/individual activity, OR compare how it is different teaching a particular concept to a whole class than to an individual or small group. I think it depends on the work you have covered so far in your course, but if you have only been working with groups up until now, it sounds like the latter.
    Sorry I can't be much help, but your last paragraph sounds right; teaching a class is definitely about directing groups and their differentiated work, not just whole-class teaching.
    Good luck. I'll be interested to know, once you find out, if you had it right!

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