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Whole class addition games

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by confuddled_angel, Nov 11, 2009.

  1. Hi :)
    I'm in need of some advice, I've been asked for an interview on Friday in a reception class, and I've been asked to teach a "stimulating learning experience" (!!) based on "relates addition by combining two groups" I can think of ideas that I could do as group work on this (items in two bowls - count them together, spots on ladybird, etc), and some that I would have done as a whole class 5-10 min activity in my last class (which was reception) but they've asked me to teach it for 25-30 minutes, which seems too long for these activities as they'd be sitting on the carpet for most of the time - and not all children would be involved. I was wondering if anybody had any great ideas to get the whole class involved and keep them motivated for the amount of time I have? Having a total blank and panicking a bit because it seems so close - I only heard that I had an interview last night!
    Thanks alot for any help, it's much appreciated!!

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