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Who to follow on Twitter

Discussion in 'Religious Education' started by lucyfivealive, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. lucyfivealive

    lucyfivealive New commenter

    I have just set up a Twitter account for my department (@BeauPhilosophy). Does anyone know of any philosophers, writers, authors etc who might be good to follow?
  2. lucyfivealive

    lucyfivealive New commenter

    I have just set up a Twitter account for my department (@BeauPhilosophy). Does anyone know of any philosophers, writers, authors etc who might be good to follow?
  3. I'm following and have marked the ones that I reccommend students follow with a #
    The Guardian#
    Huffington Post (UK)#
    Nigel Warburton (Philosophy Bites#
    RE Today
    RE Online
    Talking Donkey RE
    Hodder RE
    BBC Free Speech#
    RE Council
    Bob Bowie
    Injustice Facts (some of their retweets might not be suitable for students to read but have made a good display from some of their posts!)
    Peter Singer#
    Christian Aid#
    Amnesty International#
    Guardian Comment is Free
    WW2 Real time tweets#
    Alain De Botton#
    Do Lectures
    Stephen Law#
    Michael Moore#
    Barack Obama#
    They should get you started!
    On a personal note, there are some good teachers / educationalists to follow too including:-
    Miss Clark REteacher
    Hodder RE
    the lazy teacher
    true tube
    gavin smart
    mark anderson
    learning spy
    teacher toolkit
    matt britland
    Am always looking to add to my lists so will watch this carefully!
  4. lucyfivealive

    lucyfivealive New commenter

    Oooh, thanks!
  5. Thanks from me also... fabulous links for a newbie at Twitter!
  6. fpno@another.com

    fpno@another.com New commenter

    You can follow me too @mrpatelnight
  7. So helpful thank you!
  8. I try to follow a range of human rights groups on twitter, and people like that. Can get a bit depressing at times but good o know what is going on. Some more ideas...
    -The Dalai Lama (some very thought-provoking tweets!)
    -UN refugee agency
    -amnesty international
    -students for a free tibet UK
    -Herts humanities (esp for those in hertfordshire)
    -Children's rights
    -Human rights watch

    Beaumont Philosophy and Mr Patel I have added you both too. (I actually used to go to Beaumont! Now training as an RE teacher myself. Was before your time though I think!)
  9. lucyfivealive

    lucyfivealive New commenter

    Thank you!! In the Mr Calver days?
  10. Just a few more I have come across. . .

    TweeterPriest (Related to one of Ant and Dec!)
    HuffPostRelig (religious / ethics asked news from around the world)

    Also, don't forget to mark any RE related tweets with the #reteacher - you can also search using that hash tag and see lots of useful stuff there.

  11. WillowFae

    WillowFae New commenter

    Thanks for these, given me more to follow as well.
    A question for tweeters - do you have one account that you use for everything, or do you have separate personal and school related accounts?
  12. Yes it was! He came when I was year 11, pre-Calver I had Miss Urwin. No twittering then though, the best we got to technology was rolling in the TV to watch a video!
  13. In response to willowfae, I have a personal one on which is for me - education stuff, sports etc and a school one I use to pass stuff onto a level students with.

  14. lucyfivealive

    lucyfivealive New commenter

    I am the same I have a personal account and then school one. We very clearly tell the students that we cannot follow them nor can they follow our personal twitters.
  15. To follow up, I ve not used my 'RE' account for a while as was told in no uncertain terms that it was against our staff handbook.
    This is possibly due to child protection issues as all pupils 16 or under?
    We now only correspond via VLN but not all can access this and it loses all relevence.
    Annoyed but will find new ways as always!
  16. Was quite impressed that GCSE RE trended last night and this morning on twitter!

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