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Discussion in 'Primary' started by PicklePie33, Mar 12, 2017.

  1. PicklePie33

    PicklePie33 New commenter

    Hi all,

    I'm currently looking at the quality of PE teaching in the Primary setting and wondered if you could answer the following questions:

    1. Who teaches PE in your school?
    2. Do KS1 and KS2 receive the same quality of PE teaching?
    3. Do you use support staff to teach PE?
    4. Do your children receive at least 1 hour of PE a week?


  2. clnicholson

    clnicholson New commenter

    1. We have a qualified teacher who specialises in PE who teaches all PE as part of PPA cover. Sometimes we have outside sports coaches and teachers too.
    2. Yes, they all have the same teacher.
    3. Not PE lessons. Some support staff run additional sessions and clubs.
    4. Most have one hour. For at least one term a year, each year group has two hours.
  3. Camokidmommy

    Camokidmommy Established commenter

    Small school. No hall or room for PE. Always do it outside. Children get at least one hour each week. Take them to swimming lessons for half term, gym halfterm trampolining halfterm. Taught by AST when on premises and specialist coaches when off site.
  4. Camokidmommy

    Camokidmommy Established commenter

    Oh, never use support staff to teach PE as they aren't insured to do so. It's my understanding that this should be the case everywhere. Maybe that has changed.
    Landofla and krisgreg30 like this.
  5. krisgreg30

    krisgreg30 Occasional commenter

    Still very much the case. Only way support staff can teach P.E is with a teacher present or if they have a coaching qualification in what they are teaching. Is a bit daft when you consider the only extra training most teachers might have is an hour.
    Landofla likes this.
  6. Bumblebee435

    Bumblebee435 New commenter

    1) Class teachers teach PE.
    I'm an NQT, my PGCE last year gave me one 2 hour input session on teaching PE. My last placement school let me teach one and only one PE lesson - summer games on the school field - I was completely by myself and it was the first PE lesson I'd taught. Disaster.
    Then I got a job where I have to teach PE. Now I have weekly disasters! There are no medium term plans or support in place for planning either.
    2) I believe so.
    3) No, support staff can support and model but not teach it.
    4) One indoor, one outdoor each week. 1 hour timetabled for each but that includes changing in and out of kit.
    Last edited: Mar 12, 2017
  7. Camokidmommy

    Camokidmommy Established commenter

    @Bumblebee435 maybe that could be the focus of your CPD :D

    It is a difficult subject to teach for lots of reasons. I'm happy not to teach it, and I used to be PE leader!!
    Bumblebee435 likes this.
  8. sunshineneeded

    sunshineneeded Star commenter

    1. All class teachers teach PE, but we do have outside sports coaches who cover two classes a week - changes each term. Also, one of our PPA teachers really enjoys teaching PE, so teachers who don't enjoy it so much make good use of that time.
    2. Quality of PE teaching is the same throughout school.
    3. Support staff do not teach PE - but several have supported coaches and are now confident to lead after school clubs.
    4. All receive at least an hour of PE per week - most have two hours.
  9. modgepodge

    modgepodge Established commenter

    1. We employ a TA who has coaching qualifications to teach PE as part of PPA cover. Class teachers are supposed to teach a second lesson each week.
    2. No ks1 at our school (juniors)
    3. As above - TAs might also support in class teachers PE lessons, but they don't teach it by themselves (except the one who is employed specifically to do so)
    4. Yes, should be 2 hours but I think in most year groups it's probably more like 1. That includes changing time though
  10. CarrieV

    CarrieV Lead commenter

    1.We have outside providers who come in and teach 1 hour a week with each class ( with a teacher present as cpd), the other 45 mins is taught by the class teacher without the provider.
    2. Same for KS1 and 2
    3. Absolutely not
    4. As a minimum, usually 1 3/4hrs
  11. Bumblebee435

    Bumblebee435 New commenter

    It is! Any training suggestions, courses or otherwise you can suggest as a former PE lead?
  12. krisgreg30

    krisgreg30 Occasional commenter

    For people who say T.A's are running clubs, are they qualified to do so? I know when I spent a year as a T.A I wasn't able to run a sports club without a qualified coach or teacher because it was still the same insurance issue as teaching P.E.
  13. caterpillartobutterfly

    caterpillartobutterfly Star commenter

    1. The PE teachers/coaches
    2. Yeps, same staff same quality
    3. No (I might suggest it one day when bored in a staff meeting, just for the entertainment of seeing their response! :D)
    4. Yes, 2 in EYFS/KS1 and 3 in KS2
  14. Milgod

    Milgod Established commenter

    1 - The teachers teach lessons in our school. We've had 'specialists' at times, but they haven't been that impressive.

    2 - Pretty much the same level. Some teachers are stronger than others (like all subjects).

    3 - TAs might help with a lesson, but don't take any.

    4 - minimum of 2 hours a week. Sometimes more.
  15. clnicholson

    clnicholson New commenter

    Sorry I said support staff run clubs and should have been clearer. This is either with a teacher/coach or they have sports qualifications to do so.
    krisgreg30 likes this.
  16. whitestag

    whitestag Senior commenter

    1. Teachers teach it. We used to have coaches but they didn't add anything that we couldn't do ourselves and their behaviour management was appalling.
    2. Generally good standard throughout. Again, natural variations in style which is fine.
    3. No. They might support occasionally but often they're doing interventions or covering elsewhere. We don't have many TAs.
    4. Try to do 2 hours but sometimes it's 1, depending on what else is going on and the fact that there are only so many hours in the week.
  17. digoryvenn

    digoryvenn Lead commenter

    1. Sports coach
    2 Yes
    3. No
    4. Yes
  18. Tisnearlyfridaymethinks

    Tisnearlyfridaymethinks New commenter

    1. Who teaches PE in your school? Coaches
    2. Do KS1 and KS2 receive the same quality of PE teaching? YES
    3. Do you use support staff to teach PE? NO
    4. Do your children receive at least 1 hour of PE a week? YES
  19. lardylady

    lardylady Star commenter

    1. Who teaches PE in your school? The teachers.
    2. Do KS1 and KS2 receive the same quality of PE teaching? I wouldn't know.I imagine it varies, just like any other subject.
    3. Do you use support staff to teach PE? No
    4. Do your children receive at least 1 hour of PE a week? Y2-Y4 have one 45 minute swimming lesson per week and because it takes most of the afternoon to walk to and from the baths (no budget for transport!), they get no other PE. Other year groups have 2 hours. The time includes getting changed.
  20. caterpillartobutterfly

    caterpillartobutterfly Star commenter

    This is a huge issue for a great many schools and hopefully the OP will take this on board for whatever they are using the answers for.
    (But given that they asked the questions more or less a month ago and haven't been back since, I'm not convinced much will change!)
    Lara mfl 05 likes this.

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