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Who plans for our classes when covered by a HLTA ?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by iamagoodgirl, Mar 7, 2010.

  1. inky

    inky Lead commenter

    This is boring,, I know, but up anyway.
  2. Fair point. However I am a HLTA, I am capable and do plan and prepare for the PPA cover (R.E, and ICT for the last couple of years and this year ICT and PHSE with children from year 1 to year 4) I do not get any time at school to do this. I end up doing it in my own time and I am only paid at the HLTA rate when I am covering a class. (about an extra 80p - £1 and hour which means its about £3 extra for an afternoon of extra work and responsibilty. Why would you think that is fair?!!
  3. Waterfin

    Waterfin New commenter

    Our HLTA covers 5 afternoons of PPA cover. They also have their own timetabled PPA sessions in which to plan and mark.
  4. It's not that we are not capable but most of us are not paid as a HLTA all the time and neither do we get the time or are we paid extra time to do it! Why should we do it in our own time for nothing?!.

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