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Who owns PTA equipment?

Discussion in 'Headteachers' started by mhjtr, Jan 16, 2013.

  1. I have an active PTA who have historically worked hard for the school (although from a meeting this week this appears to be reducing significantly). Can anyone tell me where we stand in terms of who owns what?
    Our PTA used a large amount of its funds recently to buy disco equipment to run PTA events. They are decidedly reticent to let the school use it without their permission - does anyone know who the equipment legally belongs to (school or PTA)?
    I think most parents who have supported PTA fundraising would be upset if they thought the PTA were picking and choosing in this way...
    Any thoughts gratefully received...
  2. Sounds as if the school and PTA need to make it clear to each other who "owns" what.
    There is nothing to stop a PTA purchasing items / equipment for their own use. Ours do and everyone is quite clear about it.
    Other equipment is purchased by PTA and donated to the school. At this point title to the equipment passes from PTA to the school.
    Again this is all recorded in PTA meeting minutes. We then publically thank PTA for the gift / donation via the school Newsletter.
  3. Rott Weiler

    Rott Weiler Star commenter Forum guide

    Equally it can get right up the noses of PTAs when they feel heads just want them to hand over the money for heads to do as they please with. [Sorry, too many bodily metaphors here!] No other charitable organisation would give schools money without knowing how the school plans to spend it so there's no reason why a PTA should be expected to either. It's needs to be a partnership though, PTAs shouldn't foist stuff onto schools whether they want it or not. The way we've done it at schools I've been a governor at is the PTA tells the head how much money they have available to donate to the school and the head puts in a bid for it - in an informal way - with some options on how they'd like to spend the money, a particular bit of kit or whatever. The PTA then decides what the funds should be spent on from the options proposed by the head.
    PTAs don't have to donate every penny they raise to the school as soon as they've raised it and until the PTA decide to donate it it's nothing to do with the head.
    Once something is donated to the school of course it shouldn't be up to the PTA to control its use or access to it, it's now the school's property. But I understood OP to be referring to disco equipment that still belonged to and was used by the PTA and hadn't been donated to the school.
  4. What a true reflection on financial limitations of schools that we have to rely on donations from parents to provide children with the experiences we value.

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