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Who is planning for?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Veronh, Nov 16, 2011.

  1. Veronh

    Veronh New commenter

    Thoughts please on who planning is for?
  2. Veronh

    Veronh New commenter

    Thank you Sulas my thoughts entirely. Getting bait fed up of having to dot the i and cross the t on MY plans. Thank you for you time in replying and reassuring me I am not alone!
  3. Veronh

    Veronh New commenter

    Go Grandsire! Thank you for your thoughts. I am fed up of having to hand plans in and having them checked against work in books and portfolios I want to teach like you!
  4. We have planning pro formas for literacy, numeracy and the foundation subjects, which we <u>have</u> to use. They are handed in and checked against work in books. We are then given written feedback, along with written suggestions of how to improve. My last written feedback noted that too many children are meeting the learning outcomes of my lessons. This is not, apparently, a sign of well matched work and appropriate support and resources, it is a sign of weak planning.
    We also have to annotate plans in a certain colour, and in a certain way. They are 1 side of A4 per lesson, but with the detail required for literacy and numeracy, they often go over onto 2 sides.
    MTPS have to be handed in a term in advance, again following set criteria and pro forma. Again, these are scrutinised and weekly plans and children'books are checked against them.
    It very often takes me longer to fill in the planning form and annotate it than the lesson lasts.
    I long to be able to completely wing a lesson, or scribble an outline plan on the back of an envelope and see where the children want to take their learning. I dream of hand-writing my plans in pink and turquoise and purple...

  5. Kartoshka

    Kartoshka Established commenter

  6. If you are spending longer planning the lesson than you are delivering it, then something is badly wrong! Some Heads and management need to get a life. But, on a serious note , every Headteacher has a duty of care to their staff, ensuring that they have an acceptable work/life balance. You and the rest of the staff where you teach don't appear to have that. Dare one ask, are you in a union? They would be more than happy to come in to school and remind the Head of his/her responsibilities to you all.

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