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Who is off to Shanghai in August?

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by stockingblue, Apr 26, 2011.

  1. My family and I will be headed to Shanghai in August and we are extremely excited as this is our first international post. Anyone else going? Also, for you aged and learned veterans, any advice for a first time overseas family? Any and all advice is welcome! (yes I know that last sentence opened this up to some wild replies.)
  2. lovely.lady

    lovely.lady Occasional commenter

    Which school? What location?
  3. Oh yew know, I don't want to get too specific this century.
  4. Syria1

    Syria1 New commenter

    Good school, decent modern facilities and generally motivated and polite kids. Pudong is a bit too modern for my taste, but not too far from the tunnel and the ferries if you need a dose of the French C. Enjoy the river cruise when you arrive.
    Traffic is easy, and Shanghai is great for kids - lots of museums, parks, zoo etc. Food is excellent, and easy to get around as long as you don't mind the driving - although the new taxis they introduced for the expo have seatbelts in the back. Medical care is good although they like their antibiotics and lots of extras.
    Good quick trains to Nanjing now - really nice for a weekend break.
    And the metro is fab - avoid the rush hour and you can get anywhere you need; just take a taxi at the other end for the last km or so. Telling the nearest cross roads helps (Guyang Lu/Shweichung Lu e.g) rather than a landmark or hotel which lots of taxi drivers might not know - and a bit of patience and good humour is quite useful.
  5. Thanks for your reply! I love hearing positive things about our decision! Now it's time to start selling all of our unneccessary junk and storing the rest. Any reccommendations as to what we should bring and what we should leave behind?
  6. I'll be coming to Shanghai in August too! I'll definitely see yew there!! ;)
  7. I have pm'd you...
  8. Thanks for the advice everyone. We're busy cleaning house and chucking the junk. We can't wait to get there! I did see a doctor today for some innoculations and he warned of eating uncooked veggies. I've also heard that drinking the water or even using it to brush your teeth is a no-no. What other crazy things should we be aware of?
  9. Ha, I'm not going to China, but we are currently doing and feeling the same. How did we accumulate all this stuff?
  10. wrldtrvlr123

    wrldtrvlr123 Occasional commenter

    Well, we eat uncooked vegetables and brush our teeth with the water and have survived (so far).
  11. Haha! Seriously, we found some medicine in a drawer tonight that expired in 2006...what is wrong with us?
  12. We're getting closer to August and the house is slowly getting in order. We're researching as best we can what to bring and what to leave behind. We have a pretty good idea of what to do, but I'm sure we'll find out that we were way off base once we get there. I'm sure that's all part of the fun. Are there any shocks or surprises we can brace ourselves for on the first day or week? Any tips from Shanghai vets for us newbies?
  13. Mr robinson

    Mr robinson New commenter

    It is bloomin hot in August so pack lightweight clothing. But then it gets cool in Oct and clod in Nov and freezin in Dec, so just pack lots of clothes......
    In all seriousness you can get most things here albeit at a price, so don't worry too much.

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