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Who is doing EDEXCEL for GCSE 2010? just need some views and ideas

Discussion in 'Science' started by sciencebloke, Jul 17, 2011.

  1. Hi,
    we have chosen to do Edexcel from 2010 having done AQA over the last number of years.
    I would like to know if anyone else is planning to enter pupils for November examination under this new spec.
    We have calculated that we would have taught B1 for our separate science group and the core/add groups. I know some schools are not entering until March 2012 but our pupils historically do not take books home, hardly revise and hardly attend any revision clubs so everything is school orientated.
    CAU in Feb over a week.
    The plan is that In March 2012, core / add pupils will also sit C1 and do retake B1. Separate pupils do C1 , P1 , B2
    In June ( well officially May) 2012, these pupils will sit P1 and retake C1 . separate science pupils will do b2 c2 p2.
    After March sessions, results issued in April, we will decide who we will certificate for the puspose of recertification.
    How are you all doing it?

  2. <font size="2">Personally I&rsquo;m not that keen on Edexcel after spotting several glaringly obvious mistakes in there exam papers both last year and this. However that being said the school puts the kids in much a similar why to what your describing allowing everyone as many re-sits as we can.</font>

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