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who has had a reply?

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by magrat9, Jan 15, 2011.

  1. Hi all thought it may be nice to have a post with our news. My track was updated yesterday with a conditional offer for goldsmiths now have to wait for the government's decision on funding
  2. Congratulations!

    I had my interview on December 1st and still nothing. Although St. Mary's made it clear that they won't be offering/rejecting places until they know the funding for certain.
  3. I heard on Saturday, im on the PGCE English/Media at Huddersfield!

  4. Hi all!

    I had a reply from LSBU before Christmas and I got a place, phew!

    Goldsmiths was my second choice, what is the campus and university like?
  5. Hi tartxcore and rumblejungle,

    I was just wondering whether your offers are only provisional until the unis know the funding from the TDA, or has your uni received their funding?

    I still haven't heard and don't know whether the TDA have been given their funding so unis know how many places they have,

    Thanks [​IMG]
  6. Hi MissMc1
    My offer is conditional but only on me passing me degree and showing them proof of my qualification and passing a CRB check later in the year.
    Although they mentioned not knowing about funding they didnt say this would affect our place on the course.

  7. I have a conditional place at Southampton. Conditions being CRB and fitness to teach assessment...and government funding!
  8. I've been offered a place at Exeter 'subject to funding'. I've already started buying books - hope I'm not being too optimistic!
  9. Wow, I really wish I could be that brave! We who interviewed at Brighton have had an 'if you are recieving this email it is a good indication that, pending funding, we are intending to offer you a place' email. Which is, as you can see, not particularly helpful - especially as they have continued interviewing through this month (I was in the first interview group) :(
  10. Congrats Rumblejungle

    im glad you are in! no you can help me get!

    I have my interview Tuesday 25th Jan 2011.

    Any advice and what is the unseen article about?
  11. Have you had an email from Brighton?
    Oh NO. I haven't received any emails indicating if I am likely to get a place or not.
  12. I have a 'subject to funding place' at Exeter too. Secondary Maths, which course are you lined up for?
  13. Secondary English. Fingers crossed we hear for definite soon!
  14. I've just checked Track and discovered I have a conditional place for Upper Primary at Goldsmiths [​IMG] Has anyone else who was at the interviews last Wednesday (12th January) heard anything?
  15. alexpez

    alexpez New commenter

    Congratulations to everyone who's got a place!
    I've had a conditional place at MMU since 9th Dec and haven't heard anything from them since.
    I hope they haven't forgotten about me.
  16. I think it may depend on when you interviewed - I submitted my application on the day the GTTR opened, so was in the first Brighton interview group on the 23rd Nov. So I don't think you should be worried, I just think everything is so up in the air....
    I would LOVE a conditional offer, but from what I can gather, they have continued interviewing since then, so the general speculation amongst us 'worried waiting' is that they will wait till the funding is announced, then take 'the best of the best' from their shortlist [​IMG]
    I've already drafted my letter to Michael Gove (he seems like the most influential person to harass) along the lines of 'been saving for this for 3 years, used all my A/L on school experience, will now have missed a chance at my second choice' etc. Obviously he will ignore it but it'll make me feel marginally better!
  17. I am waiting to hear if I have an interview from Brighton, how long did it take to hear that you had an interview? also are you talking about secondary or primary?
  18. Hey, I have been offered a place at Exeter as well studying Primary with maths, I was just wondering, are you going to be looking for accomodation in Exeter or do you live nearby? Im from Manchester and will need to find accomodation but im worried about finding accomodation before they confirm funding.
  19. I've been offered a conditional place by Devon Primary SCITT, just got to wait for funding decision then it's conditional according to 'fitness to teach' check and CRB check.
    All this waiting is torture! Come on ConDems, make the decision already.
  20. Congrats!
    I recieved an email from Chris Ruscoe, the admissions guy saying they would decide whether to give me an interview or not by early next month... I was pretty confused since I had my interview on the 12th too, so I replied, but as yet not reply.
    I checked today, and it seems he's out of office until Feb 3rd..
    D: This is not a good sign...

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