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Who has all applied for PGDE (Primary) at Strathclyde

Discussion in 'Scotland - prospective teachers' started by madhoose, Dec 3, 2011.

  1. [​IMG]
    Hi all,

    I have sent my application through GTTR on 1st December, just 7 hours before deadline! [​IMG]
    This is despite me completing it in September but my uni lecturer just finished my reference at 5pm on the 1st Dec.
    Anyway, i am just intrested in finding out about who has all applied for Primary at Strathclyde uni and any idea on timescales for hearing back? Also due to me just getting my application just on time i am worried that might affect my application as a lot of people will have got theirs in months ago! eeek
    I am keeping my finger crossed
  2. Hi madhoose

    It won't matter when you applied, as long as it's before the deadline. GTTR start sending through the applications around October time, but the universities wait until the close of applications before they start the process. If Strathclyde is your first choice, you should hear around Christmas, or maybe just after. The interviews are February/March.

    I'm on the course just now, if you've got any questions I'll be happy to answer them, if you email me! Bit of a hectic week this week - last week of placement 1 and my second crit on Tuesday!

    Good luck x
  3. Oh well done to you on getting a place and getting started [​IMG]
    I am keeping my fingers crossed, i have just graduated as a nurse and have been waiting since beginning the course 3 years ago to apply for teaching. i had a major career crisis when i started nursing as a realised it wasnt for me but worked so hard to get there i decided to complete the course and i did with distinction woohoo lol.
    I have also been carrying out voluntary time a my childs primary school since october 2010 so hopefully that will help.
    I will be getting back to you if i get an interview if ok for tips etc hehe
    Good luck to you and i hope you are successful in the course i really hope i get a place as i am so excited to get in.
    Oh and also thank you for taking the time to reply and offer your support its much appreciated.
  4. Thanks madhoose, what a massive career change! Good luck!

    Have you heard anything yet? x
  5. trout-mad

    trout-mad New commenter

    Hi there,

    You should be OK. I applied to Strathclyde for Primary in January this year after being messed about by Edinburgh as Strathclyde were the only uni still open.

    I got an interview in late February but didn't get in however I applied again for secondary chemistry at strathclyde and am currently studying for my PGDE. It's all worked out well for me as I now realise secondary was the way to go. Strathclyde is a great place to study its a shame you won't go to jordanhill though. It's such a nice campus.

    Best of luck.
  6. Happy New Year everyone!

    I've also applied this year to Strathclyde...they received my application on the 4th November but I still have not heard anything. I know of a few people who have applied and have heard through friends that they have not heard back yet either.

    I'm a bit worried as my second choice is Glasgow and they already seem to be offering interviews.
    Fingers crossed we will hear good news when the unis are back next week! :)
  7. trout-mad

    trout-mad New commenter

    GTTR is just a joke to be honest. You only really get 1 choice as all the unis close their lists about the same time. Therefore you have no chance of getting your second choice. Moray house did something like that to me last year. They decided that anyone who would get a conditional offer due to pending results would not get an interview. They only told us that after getting the rejection in January and after most other lists were closed. Your application would then be dead in the water. Luckily I had a fall back to secondary teaching which isn't so in demand.
  8. trout-mad

    trout-mad New commenter

    I just had a quick look at GTTR it looks like Glasgow has closed its list. What happens is you would have to be rejected by Strathclyde for your application to then be sent to Glasgow. But it wouldn't as they now have no vacancies. The system isn't fair at in my view. Best of luck.
  9. I know ? I think it changed to ?closed? before Christmas, I was kind of hoping that meant they weren?t accepting brand new applications (seeing as it was after 1st dec)
    I thought they might look at applications once they have done their interviews and know how many they are accepting and who they are rejecting?does the system not work like that? Maybe I was being too naïve and optimistic!! Fingers crossed for my 1st choice anyway!
  10. trout-mad

    trout-mad New commenter

    No Glasgow won't even know your application exists. If they get enough people who put them as first choice to draw their students from then they close to new applicants. They probably have 3 or 4 times the amount of applicants to interview slots. They will fill the course from them. If anyone drops out they will have a reserve list from those interviews also. Last year Strathclyde had 1600 applications for primary i think, 400 interviews and about 100 places. It doesn't work like UCAS does for normal courses. I went through it all with someone from Dundee uni last year. The system only let's you get one shot in reality. I was lucky and got three shots but that was pure luck.
  11. Hey guys, not sure how this works, its my first post! I sent my application back in October and I was very worried I hadn't got through as I wasn't asked to send my degree and results transcripts (as I was for Edinburgh last year). So I emailed the University to see when I would find out and I just received an email back to say I have been accepted for interview and a letter will follow soon. GTTR has not been updated yet!
  12. Oh wow, huge congratulations!!
    You must be so pleased to have an answer, the wait to hear back is actually driving me mad!
    I am so tempted to email to find out if they have made a decision on my application but I emailed before Christmas to check when we might hear so I don't want to seem too pushy....
    Do you know the date of your interview yet?
  13. Hey guys, I applied about 4 hours away from the deadline too and was worried! I havent heard back yet but I just emailed strathclyde a minute ago to see if they could tell me when i might find out! fingers crossed, it's driving me insane! lol good luck to everyone!!
  14. I agree...that's really good to know Sophia. I was beginning to worry...I applied to Strathclyde last year and I heard about an interview by Christmas so it feels like its getting quite late!
    Let's hope it's less than 2 weeks!
  15. Hi folks
    was just about to ask the same question as everyone else, feel a bit better that no one has heard. I have applied to Strathclyde.
  16. Hey, I got my letter today and have an interview for Feb, I had emailed and the woman said letters started getting sent out on friday, so i guess we should all hear any day now :)

  17. Update from yesterday. Got a letter today and my interview is on 7th February at 9am! What day is yours Mich?
    Anyone else heard?
  18. I got my letter today too!
    Mine is 12.30 on the 7th Feb, so excited but SO nervous!
    Good luck to everyone!!
  19. Hi
    This is my first post on TES so I hope i've done it right lol
    I just found out today that I have an interview on the 1st March - I checked my GTTR status at about half nine tonight (hadn't checked it since this morning) and it said INTERVIEW. I've been really down recently because of the terrible wait.......so I'm so excited! I take it I'll be getting a letter nearer the time.
    Good Luck Everyone!
  20. Hi again
    I was just wondering if anyone knows the format of the interviews as I've not got any letters yet from the uni - I just know from my gttr status.

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