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Who else is Peed off with not getting any supply because schools have employed 50% more cover supervisors?

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by WalkingOnSunshine, Oct 7, 2009.

  1. WalkingOnSunshine

    WalkingOnSunshine New commenter


    Signed on with another agency today.
    Feel like I'm going mad.
    Called one of the agencies today about whether any work was becoming available and they said 'it's picking up but at the moment it's schools asking for people they've already had before. As soon as something becomes available they don't request someone they've already had I'll call you straight away.'
    Phone rings - 'Hi, there's a day's supply tomorrow at *such and such* school. Now I know you have to get public transport and it's quite far but I wanted to give you first choice because you called earlier.' I look at transport info and I can get there 2 hours after leaving the house, and about £20 later. Agency says they won't re-emburse me any of my travel costs. (I know some do and some don't) Agency says I don't have to do it and that they have someone else who can do it. I'm stumped and speechless and not sure what to do. I say, 'well I feel as though if I don't do it this is going to affect future work.' 'No, no.' He says. 'I just wanted to give you first choice but if you can't do it that's not going to have any effect on future work. We'll still call you. But I know it's far and if it's too difficult to get to.....'
    He knew how difficult it was to get to before he even rang. And how long it would take.
    (Dept. 640 and arrive at 825!)
    I have a feeling he knew I'd have to turn it down. What's the bet that next time they offer me something there's a problem there too? Or that I don't hear from them in a while?
    I'm peed off in a different way now than I was before - it's just such a head ****.

    Damned if you do and damned if you don't.

  2. I am so fed up with this. I gave up working as a TA to do the PGCE and so far this term I have had 3 days supply. It is so fustrating because I'm the kind of person who likes to be busy but instead I spend my days getting up early ringing the agencies and then waiting around all day just in case an afternoon comes up.
    I got married over the summer and my husband is taking on more work to support us so doesn't get home until 11 in the evening and I never see him. I feel that relying on supply is making me depressed. It's just ridiculous that so many of us are in this situation, waiting for work.
    I've been taken on by my placement school as their supply but as the head pointed out to me, there very rarely is any supply in the school. I know from being there that they will find a TA to cover classes. I don't know how much longer I can put up with living in limbo and relying on agencies. I think if things don't pick up and I still haven't secured an NQT job I'll have to just do something else for a while. Just to keep me sane!
  3. WalkingOnSunshine

    WalkingOnSunshine New commenter

    I hear you Little Miss.
    I am not myself right now and am probably letting out neg. vibes all over, which is just not me and who I am. I've never not worked this long, am used to being active and now sitting in front of the computer (which is where you tend to have to search for most jobs and info nowadays) is certainly depressing. Lacking energy and my normal vitality and positive attitude.
  4. That's exactly how I feel! I was the (annoying) one who kept on telling my course that it'd all be alright regarding jobs and now I'm down in the dumps and feeling very negative about the whole thing. I feel completely trapped by the situation that has turned into a catch - 22, and have no idea where to go next. I'm trying to sort out some volunteering, and I would like to volunteer in schools, but as a secondary teacher don't know what help I could be, or where to start.
    On top of that my OH is worried about me, I'm usually the positive one and I'm definetly not myself either. I think he feels bad because he wants to help me, but there is nothing he can do. Him worrying about me makes me feel worse for some reason.
    I guess I need somebody with a crystal ball to tell me it's all going to be okay.
  5. Sparkly_duck, I understand how you are feeling completely, and there are days where I feel like this too. You just have to keep believing that everything will work out at the end. The worse case scenerio is you end up with no money, but no money won't kill you and there will always be help for you out there. And that is the worse case; will things even get that bad? Probably not. You are healthy and you are not alone; you have your OH, family members and friends. Everything will be ok, it may just take a bit of time. [​IMG]
  6. Bless you FrankieX. I'm usually such a positive person (annoyingly so) and is just getting me down a bit. I seem to veer between the two really, not just with this but with everything. I've also just moved cities, and the only people I know are my OH and his family, and my grandparents. As much as I love my OH, I would like to know some other people here.
    It will get better, and if I can get through the school placement from hell where I nearly quit the course, I can get through this. I've just started a claim for JSA, Housing Benefit and Council Tax benefit which will bring some money in and I won't feel so dependent on my OH, I've been overpaid for the one day of supply I've done, I'm about to phone up about a brilliant volunteering opportunity and a good friend is coming to see me on Saturday afternoon (and therefore providing an excuse to bake a chocolate cake), so it's not all bad.
    And the sun is shining! [​IMG]
  7. I hope my housemates don't tell me to stop baking, it's the only thing I seem to do that isn't watching e4 or knitting!
  8. Hi,
    Finished my PGCE also in July. Gave up a good paying job that had over summer to make the transition to supply teaching. Double edged sword. Cannot continue with job and be available in case agencies call, cannot survive on no agency work. Good job to go back to if want it but just means more time out of teaching and forgetting all skills used, and it was a hard slog to get qualified. Why is the goverment still advertising for teachers on TV? Where is this great career I believed would be available to all those doing a PGCE? Where are all the jobs? I need 5 days a week work for income and also sanity. I hoped to be proved wrong and get good supply and/or permenant post soon. This country is bankrupt, debt at 60% of GDP and we will be paying for it for next 20 years. Things don't improve in next year, then forget it,time to leave this ****** little country. Very,very annoyed with all the lies and ***. Where are all the new PGCE students on this years course going to work? Most of us from last year are still looking!
  9. totally agree mate.

    I can't take work if it's only 1 day per week.

    They can't have their cake and eat it too.
  10. I have read this thread withincreasing gloom. It seems that every qualified teacher forced to or choosing to rely on supply teaching has been hit this term. You ALL need to write to your Union AND the GTC, and follow up your letters if they remain unanswered or if the replies are unsatisfactory. You should also write to your MP and the Minister for Education (if such a post still exists).
    I am close to a prematurely-retired teacher who happily took on supply work and got very used to a routine of two or three days each week. With the anticipation of "rarely cover" it was thought he might have to turn jobs down. However, he has not had a single call so far this term and asking around it seems that many schools appointed cover supervisors to deal with the "rarely cover" rule and have in many cases begun to use them illegitimately as actual teachers. Elsewhere on this forum I have expressed the opinion that their conception was flawed and the real problem is that many teachers don't look at the wider picture, just the situation in their school where there might be some jolly good types employed as CSs, doing a jolly good job - and this would be the impression they would give to parents expressing concern about their children being faced by unqualified "teachers" on a regular basis.
    It would be right to do away with the post of CS but now they are here, like Japanese Knotweed and Parakeets, they are here to stay!
  11. Cheers
    Think I may write to union rep. It's bad enough there not being enough permenant Business Teacher posts, but it's worse when I thought I could at least get plenty of supply and keep the skills honed and build experience, well that's what i was told. Why did the government and the university lie about teaching as a certain career? You could earn up to 35k per year. My ass! once in a post maybe, but more PGCE grads this year andsame number or less of opportunities as last year, ***. We are not all idiots and fools Mr Brown.
  12. e26


    This is a terrible situation! Whereabouts are you all? Is this the case in London too? I'm moving to London next week (!), hoping to get daily secondary supply.....what are my chances?
  13. I'm in Berkshire. With 2 agencies. About to join a third...
  14. Durham, Northeast uk, place with no jobs!
  15. Sheffield, and can cover pretty much all of South Yorkshire as well as north Derbyshire, north Nottinghamshire and the Kirklees bit of West Yorkshire. And nothing doing here either.
  16. Not much in Wakefield this week .... 1 day and only half a day for next week
  17. podilato

    podilato New commenter

    Since it seems hundreds if not thousands of us have just had our job prospects taken away in one fell swoop I suggest you 'annoy' as many people as possible such as union reps and local MP's. I have sent several (unanswered) e-mails to the NUT and also left messages on their facebook page. I advise everyone else to do the same and also get in touch with local politicians etc. Let's raise some hell!
  18. I'm in London with 2 agencies, ok to do primary and secondary, calling every morning at 7am but still not a single day of work.
  19. No probs Sparkly_duck, sometimes you just need a little reminder when things get too much. [​IMG]
  20. I've only had one day since September. Been doing supply and temp. jobs since I qualified as a primary teacher 5 years ago. The day-to-day supply has <u>never </u>been so bad this time of the year. I changed career to get into this position, and people keep saying to me "they are "crying out" for teachers." I wish they'd stop running those **** annoying ads too! While my O/H is supportive, he is beginning to say perhaps I should look for any job (out of teaching). This is what I've always wanted to do, and, besides, I would hate to get out of the loop,
    If it's any consolation (ha ha), apparently "everyone" is having loads of babies right now, and in five years time they will not only be "crying out" for teachers, but they will have to build more schools to cope with it.!
    But by then, all us really keen, interested, intelligent, caring, enthusiastic qualified teachers will have left the profession/country/life..........
    I say don't give up........until my overdraft runs out!


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