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Who does all this 'voluntary' work?

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by Moony, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. Moony

    Moony Lead commenter

    I would imagine it's a combination of those that haven't worked in a while going for something that will give them some work experience with the possibility of a reference to boot and people that are keen to try and please their agency.
  2. bigpig

    bigpig New commenter

    I was offered some voluntary work for an agency I was trying to sign up to to get a reference. They were being very picky over who could give one but said they had a school in the centre of town that was willing to take me on 'voluntarily' for 4weeks and they'd give me a reference. I laughed and told them no way.
    Still yet to get work from this agency apart from an offer of TA work which I also turned down as it was too far away. I did get an email from them the other day asking if I was still looking for work and if I didn't reply they would assume not and take me off their books.
  3. les25paul

    les25paul Star commenter

    Aha, the offer of voluntary work to allow me the opportunity to gain valuable experience and enhance my CV has finally reached me.
    I replied thanking them for their kind offer and appreciated how they had my career development in mind. But regretfully I was unable to grasp this "once in a lifetime" chance since my trout fly casting technique was also lacking the experience it required and "against my wishes" during any spare unpaid time I had I would be forced to concentrate on this.
    I should have added (but was too chicken [​IMG]) that I was lacking experience in certain fields of which they could be of assisstance, namely; unblocking sinks, cleaning floors, polishing desks, licking boots and generally being taken for a mug.
    Will they think that I was taking the @@@@?

  4. Had a humdinger of an 'offer', yeasterday. A nice school in Rickmansworth want a sciene teacher for the summer term: the deal; the first four weeks of term 'unpaid assesment' followed by contract for the rest of term. Now, what school would want and extra teacher when the Year 11s have left, except perhaps one that wanted someone do do a miracle with Year 11, without being paid.
  5. That is incredible. The cost of getting to work and working to be covered by the teacher, when as pointed out elsewhere daily rate works out less than an NQT's annual salary. It shows how desperate they think people are to work and the carrot a term's work - even with the threat of losing the work after May when year 11 leave. It is practically slavery. Waiting for my end of year P60s etc to claim tax back but I earned less than £12k last year despite long term placements and was dropped like a bowl of cold sick in May by a school.....
  6. Mrs-Pip

    Mrs-Pip New commenter

    Hope you told them where to go!

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