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Who Do You Think You Are?

Discussion in 'Personal' started by magic surf bus, Aug 29, 2011.

  1. magic surf bus

    magic surf bus Star commenter

    Family history time: What interesting stuff have your ancestors got up to? Any offers?
  2. My paternal great grandmother used to tell stories that indicated she was involved somehow in the 1912 uprising in Dublin (possibly as a gun runner). And my great- aunt apparently found family graves in Dublin with IRA insignia on them when she was tracing the family history. My grandfather is trying to find out if the story is true and the graves are real, but hasn't had much luck so far...
  3. Oooo. sparkly perhaps we are related. My maternal Grandmother's sister's son was an Irish freedom fighter by the name of Kevan Barry.
  4. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    Think my great ^ 5 grandma was burnt as a witch on Pendle Hill.
  5. Maybe Blazer! Although the family consensus is that she liked to tell a tale, as we can't find any evidence to back up her claims!
    Wow Robyn! Was she one of the 1612 Witches?
  6. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    Well visiting my Gran this week. They have done the family tree back to 1300 apparently. Will have to ask her (unfortunately this will lead to a very detailed family history discussion with my Aunt. And I mean very detailed)
  7. Sorry! I'm just nosey! I'm from Lancashire and grew up hearing the story of the Pendle Witches. I did my uni dissertation on them because I find the whole sorry mess fascinating.
  8. ????

    You may be right Seren Dipity.
  9. Bethannie

    Bethannie New commenter

    On my Mum's side of ther family...Opa was in the Waffen SS....Mum in the Hitler Youth ....A 2nd Cousin and her husband not really mentioned due to nudist tenndencies...Great Aunt imprisoned by East Germans after the war for being suspected Communist
    Birthdad's side.. Irish Gran had something like 15 children in 12 years (didn't believe in birth control) and from what I remember being told a fair few (including Birthdad) spent time in prison.
    My brother went to school with Gadaffi....
    I taught various local criminals (most weeks at least one pupil made the local paper) and one pop-star...

  10. bombaysapphire

    bombaysapphire Star commenter

    Apparently my sister's father-in-law has traced our family tree back to the Percy family from Alnwick Castle. He was looking at their family tree but it was boring so he ended up doing it for our family instead.
    We are clearly the poor relations. No castles here.
  11. inky

    inky Lead commenter

    Glad to catch you in, Bauble. Take a look at my Lonely Planet and Brum thread.
    ptha ptha ptha

    [that's the sound of me spitting feathers]
  12. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    Well I go past Pendle Hill everytime I go to my Grans. Good old Lancashire roots in me.
  13. Sorry BAUBLE!!!! Jeez, you thought I'd be able to get your name right! This does not bode well for the new term...
    *reminds self that Bauble is the one who looks like George Clooney (or is it that George Clooney that looks like Bauble?)*
  14. On my mother's side - we arrived in Australia on the Third Fleet - he was a doctor in London who performed an abortion and got sent out for that - he ended up in Tasmania as the first editor of the Hobart newspaper....
    On my father's side - we can trace back to the Doomsday Book and we were part of the Norman Invasions - apparently we were French nobility... from there Guy Fawkes was a relative somewhere along the line (Fawke is my maiden name). My Grandfather was a Brummy (Aston - which is also a link to Guy Fawkes) and went to Oz when he was five and three years ago I returned on an Ancestry Visa to Birmingham...
    So we've got traitors and convicts in my family tree....

  15. My great-aunt had a daughter out of wedlock in 1930, then three boys with another bloke, before running away with a Ukrainian over here to fight the war, leaving her sons and their half sister with their dad. Met up with descendants of the daughter earlier on this year, my mother was not amused! Other than that we descend from the Irish (surname is the same as Wexford county river) and came to Blighty aons ago, changing from Carholic to church of Ireland to Methodist (except me I'm CoE). Whole family were navvies, pitmen or latterly forces.

    My paternal grandma's maiden name was Planten, and I need to research this side of the family.
  16. I've managed to trace my family tree (Mum's side) back to the 17 century. Nothing particularly astounding but I did find it interesting that, until very recently, all family members were from the same small Cornish valley. Then I went and made the whole thing look messy by moving to Yorkshire.
    My Nan's husband moved to Canada. The plan was that he would sent for her once he was established, but he never bothered, so she was left to bring up my Aunt and Uncle on her own. From what I can gather, she had a fling with a man from the village, the result of which was my Mum. My Nan was ostracised(sp) when her pregnancy became apparent and she moved to a tiny hamlet on Bodmin Moor until my Mum was born. She later returned to her home village and no mention was made of my Mum's presence.
    Weren't people strange about such things.
  17. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    Oh and apparently we had a large estate and massive family house. Then great ....... great Grandad got on the wrong side in the War of the Roses and we lost it all.
    Heck - we had a large house and large family fortune before Grandad gambled it away. That's life.
  18. On my Grandmother's side we are supposed to be descendents of Daniel O'Connell( statue of him in Dublin).

    My Grandmother is in the Guiness book of records for producing the heaviest triplets(24 llbs.!!) She also had 3 sets of twins of whom my Mother was one and 6 single babies, one of my uncles weighing 14 lbs at birth!!

    She died in 1940 aged 60, not surprised she was probably exhausted!!
  19. At first I thought you meant 24lb each!!
    You didn't mean each... did you?[​IMG]
  20. My Grandmother is number 14 out of 16 children. All single births, all bar one survived early childhood, and another died of TB aged 18. They are the largest family ever in Coventry.

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