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Who can tell me if QTLS (FE Lecturers should be able to teach in schools) is only for vocational subjects

Discussion in 'Further Education' started by Ska83gbr, Mar 23, 2011.

  1. Yup. Ages 14+ only though if you have QTLS. So, you would start delivering GCSE material I'd imagine? I personally don't know any schools around here that offer Media to that age range, but drama, sure.

  2. I cannot understand why there is confusion. I think you need to apply for jobs and see if that is what you want. I work in a school. I have done for 10 years. I was an unqualified teacher but after the announcement last week I was put up to M6 with immediate effect. I have to say though I have a PGCE ( FE) but I do not have QTLS because I qualified before the requirement and went to work in a school before the changes in FE took place. I have a degree in a non national curriculum subject not a vocational qualification. I have O levels in Maths English and science and an FE teachers PGCE. I have the same qualifications as my school teaching counterparts and the same pay.
    The only thing that might stop schools paying you main scale is their budget to be honest. FE teachers and school qualified teachers are now treated the same if they are teaching students 14+ ( I teach sixth form). If you want a job in a school then apply


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