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who can I ask for a reference?

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by historygrump, Oct 28, 2011.

  1. historygrump

    historygrump Star commenter Forum guide

    This post is important and not only for les25paul problem, but for all supply teachers. In that after a couple of years on supply, we cannnot generally get school references due to the very nature of our role,i.e a day, a day there, etc. This makes it hard for us to get permanent posts or to sign up with different agencies for work.
    I hope the schools you know, will give you references, les25paul and I know your problem all to well, I am afraid.
    So try the schools you do work on a regular basis, you may get lucky.
  2. Thanks all. Well the agency would not budge and didn't care much about my problem. So I have asked the agency who I get very little work from for a reference I have choosen the consultant I am going to ask for the reference very carefully as I have a good relationship with him. I am worried the will pass it onto the Primary consultant and that will put her off as she already knows I work for another agency. I put it that I am happy working for them and I am doing it very reluctantly.
    They only get me work in one school really but it is a school where there is a lot of work available and probably alot of potential for longer-term placements but the school is in special measures. Whereas the other agency I could ask get me more work, but still not much and I think they would get a bit moody if I asked them.
    I've asked the women I did childminding for and I am waiting to hear back. Iwork in Primary schools so asking a HOD is not possible as there isn't one.
    So now I need to decide which school to ask!
  3. I recently had a telephone conversation with an agency about my status with them following an email about some possible work. But they could not put me forward for any work because I do not have any up to date references from a school. The last long term role that I had resulted in a promise from the HT for a reference but when it came to it she would not provide one because I was "only a supply teacher"
    I am only able to work now as a private tutor but the agency would not accept any references from parents of my tutees. They will only accept references from a school. Just two examples of the difficulties facing supply teachers now.

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