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Who Am I? Poster KS1 2007 Literacy Test

Discussion in 'Primary' started by piglet33, Jan 12, 2010.

  1. piglet33

    piglet33 New commenter

    I am trying to get hold of a copy of the 2007 key stage 1 QCA task for the shorter writing. It talks about a Who Am I? poster with a riddle on. Could anyone tell me what the riddle is. I really need it and our copy has gone walkabout!

  2. I've also lost a copy of the poster. Could any kind soul out there send a message with the clues I think its about a butterfly - I can put it on the whiteboard for the children rather than try to get a copy of the poster from someone. Many thanks[​IMG]
  3. What am I

    I fly through the air with a flutter of my wings
    hmm forgot will get it in the morning and post it for you
  4. I also have a copy of it if you need it.
    Do any of you lovely people have the mark scheme for the L3 2007 stones and Bones? Can not find it anywhere!
    Thanks so much in advance xxx
  5. <u>What am I?</u>

    I fly in the air by fluttering my wings.
    I am smaller than your hand.
    If you look carefully you will see that I am many different colours.
    For my food I drink delicious nectar from flowers.
    I have six legs and two antennae.
    At first I came out of an egg.
    I was a caterpillar and then a chrysalis.
    I am a......

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