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Who actually does the controlled assessment "controlled"?

Discussion in 'Business studies' started by johncollinswork, Sep 11, 2010.

  1. johncollinswork

    johncollinswork New commenter

    New to teaching this subject this year.

    AQA GCSE Business, Unit 3 Controlled Assessment.

    Do most people actually do this as a genuine 3-hour controlled assessment,
    or just as a normal piece of on-going homework?
  2. kenickie

    kenickie New commenter

    I would hope that people are doing it as a controlled assignment otherwise they are breaking the rules and if caught would risk being disqualified.

    The rules are pretty clear and anything other than following them would risk students being disqualified and teachers being reported
  3. We do it as 4 x 45 minute sessions with a special area on the computer that students cannot access in between sessions and all work collected in. The sessions are done under exam conditions, which is over what AQA requires but makes them easier to monitor. If students completed the work at home the teacher could not sign the declaration that the work is the students own work. I am sure that the vast majority of teachers are professional enough to follow the exam board instructions.
  4. i completely agree with the two replies so far, we deliver it as a controlled assessment under exam conditions. i have to say that i am rather surprised by your question.
  5. We do the research under 'light control' with their research work saved into an area of the network that they cannot access again until the next lesson etc.

    The write up itself is done as all other exams with the normal rules in place that you'd have in an exam hall.
  6. badgerbunny

    badgerbunny New commenter

    For the research part of the task they have to do stuff out of the classroom don't they? Such as questionaires etc?
    I have been doing it that way although, of course, the report write up will be exam conditions.

    I went to the AQA training session about controlled assessments and didn't get the impression that the research work had to be all kept under lock and key and only in the classroom.

  7. badgerbunny

    badgerbunny New commenter

    I've just read the guidelines for carry out the research and AQA states that candidates can do research at home during the 'medium control' section.
    You made me panic!
  8. badgerbunny

    badgerbunny New commenter

    I have just been in touch with the AQA business studies advisor chap and he said during the report write up section students are actually allowed to use the internet and text books.
    That surprised me.

  9. kenickie

    kenickie New commenter

    I sense confusion here.

    I also went on an AQA course where we were told all research must take place in the class room(bar a questionnaire) and that no internet access allowed during the write up.

    Either they told us wrong.... or they changed the rules.

    I am going to email the person in charge of it.
  10. kenickie

    kenickie New commenter

    Reading the leaflet on the AQA website it makes it quite clear they can not do work at home.

    What does formal supervision (high level of control) actually
    ? Students must be in direct sight of the supervisor at all times.
    ? The use of resources is tightly prescribed, normally only research
    ? Students must complete all work independently.
    ? Students must not communicate with each other.
    ? No assistance can be given to students.

    What does informal supervision (medium level of control)
    actually mean?
    ? Students do not have to be directly supervised at all times but there
    must be adequate supervision to ensure that work can be authenticated.
    ? Teachers must ensure that:
    ? the students? work is their own
    ? plagiarism does not take place
    ? the contributions of individual students are recorded accurately.
    ? Students have access to resources.
    ? Students can work together.
    ? Students can receive limited teacher guidance.
  11. badgerbunny

    badgerbunny New commenter

    I also read that for the general guide lines.

    But - in the business studies controlled assessment guide it says students can work in groups during the information gathering stage.

    Also, when I went on the course the guy said that students can bring notes etc in from home but that students shouldn't research too much because there would be to much for them to handle.

    The AQA chap I emailed said a q and a guide would be coming out - would have been ice to have had that guide before we started the assessments...

    I have let kids do prep work at home and I know another school who has too. What about the rest of you?
  12. badgerbunny

    badgerbunny New commenter

    BUT for the report writing section I am doing it under strict exam conditions with a special computer log in where they cannot access their old files. Ni internet access and once they have brought their research folders into the controlled environment they cannot take them away again and I will be keeping them.

    You are all making me panic again by the way!!
  13. badgerbunny

    badgerbunny New commenter


    The research and planning stage can be done wherever it is suitable. This could be in the classroom, questionnaire could be completed in the local town, or research could be set for students to do at home. So if you have set students research to do at home then this is not an issue. These levels of control will apply to Business Studies controlled assessment but may not apply to other subjects which may have different levels of control.
  14. Hi

    Just wondering if anyone has resources on the 2012 controlled assessment - any workbooks/student briefs etc? Its my first time teaching this and i am really struggling with the controlled assessment.

    Any help will be much appreciated!

    My email is sayyaddah@hotmail.com
  15. thebusinessone

    thebusinessone New commenter

    What exam board are you with?

  16. I use the OCR board.In our school, I let them to do their research in less controlled, eg asking questions, completing secondary research (and really spending time on this ... a worthwhile investment) etc. Then they analyse in controlled conditions. We practice and provide writing frames for one paragraph (in teaching) , look at exam marks etc, they self mark.Then set them free with the controlled assessment.

    They usually do well in this because they are 'trained' from yr 10 for their exam (even though they dont perform well at that . .another thread) but they have the skills and maturity and seem to hit it. I love that its controlled as it means an hour of silence where they just have to get on with it . . they hate it for that reason.

    But it means they really are focused. Plus it is amazing what they can get done in a lesson! Plus less work for the teacher (getting them there is the issue, once they start writing, you only mark that piece)

    I break down the assignment so they might identify the needs of the target market in one session.
    Then, using their secondary research, they identify how their business meets / does not meet their needs and allow them to build on their paragraph.

    I like the CA

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